The Ultimate Fitness Mix For Your Gym

By Nan de Bruin

Published 15 September 2021

Instantaneous, personalized, and hyper-flexible: this is what today’s consumer has come to expect from services across the board. And when it comes to the gym, in particular, research shows that the modern fitness consumer isn’t going to settle for a gym simply because it’s close. Their gym of choice will need to offer exceptional value, flexibility, and the unique fitness mix they’re looking for.

The stats tell us that up to 50% of Americans won’t be returning to their gym after reopening, and up to 60% prefer outdoor and online fitness. Your potential clients don’t want to schedule their day around their workout any longer, instead, there must be an offer that fits into their schedule and provides extraordinary value and freedom beyond the traditional brick-and-mortar gym.

That doesn’t mean that your on-site services are lost to time. It simply means you’ve got to put together the ultimate fitness mix that attracts and keeps clients coming back. At this point in time, all trends point to on-site training coupled with outdoor and online fitness offerings. 

Outdoor Fitness Mix

People readily took to all manners of outdoor fitness when it was one of the few available ways to get in a quality, socially distanced workout during the onset of COVID-19. Not wanting to lose the social aspect of in-person classes, the popularity of outdoor fitness skyrocketed.

Outdoor fitness was an easy integration for gyms and personal trainers alike who could plan classes based on their schedules, not to mention the obvious benefits of working out in the fresh air and taking in some vitamin D. These have remained popular even as many gyms have reopened. And even with the beginning of fall, outdoor workouts are still going strong, especially in regions with milder climates.

Outdoor fitness classes are a way to significantly expand your brand and get more clients. Especially those who might otherwise have chosen to forego joining a gym altogether. Considering how your gym or facility will integrate engaging and challenging outdoor fitness experiences for your clients is a critical piece to the new hybrid fitness mix approach.

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With many clients still asking, is it better to work out outside or in the gym? Research continues to be published stressing the importance of good ventilation, thus outside workout spaces endure as a COVID-safe option.

Online Fitness & Fitness Apps

Online fitness has gone through an unprecedented boom. Since lockdown, smartphones have become, more than ever before, an extension of the people who use them. An app exists for almost everything you could ever need, including fitness.

And all signs point to nothing but growth in this area: as 85% of all gym members also now do workouts at home, and 70% intend to maintain or increase their use of online fitness, offering online fitness options for your facility is imperative.

People have become more health-conscious, but have also become more accustomed to convenience, as life has become a lot more flexible since we started working from home, and we like it. Getting all your gear, packing up the kids or finding a babysitter, commuting, finding a parking spot… The list of hurdles to work out goes on.

When fitness can be as simple as changing into your workout clothes, getting your digital training plan, queuing up your workout video or favorite class and working out, people will gravitate to these simple digital solutions. Offering online options will help you keep your members engaged for longer. As well as attract new clients looking for this flexibility.

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But, can digital fitness improve health? It certainly looks like it. Online fitness is engaging, offers a sense of community, is inherently flexible and available at the touch of a button. Fitness apps offer customization and personalization that can rival any in-person trainer.

And, when it comes to onsite training, online fitness apps can handle scheduling bookings. But also taking payments and many other backend solutions to make your client’s life easier. But you will also free up time for yourself and your team! Virtuagym is your one-stop shop for streamlining your business with an all-in-one software solution, with your own branded app.

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Gen Z

It’s impossible to speak about online fitness offerings without specifically calling attention to Gen Z. Millennials and Gen Z together now account for a whopping 80% of all gym-goers, according to

As Gen Z enters adulthood with more discretionary income, not having an online or mobile presence means you are missing out on a massive segment of the population. This generation has grown up on the internet and this is where their life takes place.

They are a group of health and budget-conscious digital natives looking for fitness to fit their life, which is why livestreaming, in particular, has been a monumental solution for engaging these clients remotely. Gen Z’ers focused on health and wellness require a fitness experience that is as connected as they are.

But when it comes to Gen Z, the social aspect of fitness is just as important as staying connected. In fact, Gen Z’ers account for 81% of all fitness class participants, meaning they are also going to want the added value of a hybrid approach to in-person, outdoor and live-streamed classes.

Your Ultimate Fitness Mix: A New Business Model

One thing we cannot deny is that COVID-19 has awakened within consumers a deeper awareness of the underlying importance that fitness plays in their overall health and wellness. Some 68 percent of survey respondents communicated that they are now prioritizing their health more since the beginning of the pandemic.

This means that though the fitness industry is changing, a new normal is taking its place. The focus must be on providing digital and outdoor solutions in addition to on-site offerings so that our health-conscious consumers may pick and choose the fitness experiences that appeal to them, on their own schedule. Keeping your clients connected in-person as well as digitally will build up your relationships and keep them engaged as a community.

The ultimate fitness mix for your business will ultimately be about offering both outdoor and online fitness. The emphasis will be on group workouts and special attention paid to bringing in Gen Z’s and Millennials. A mix of digital and physical workouts will keep members engaged and connected in and out of the gym.

Nan de Bruin

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