Skyrocketing Your PT Business To New Levels

Jan 24, 2019 - 3 min read
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As a seasoned personal trainer, you know that your work doesn’t end once you’ve got your business up and running.

A successful business requires constant optimization to deliver maximum value to your clients.

To build on your success, here are some essential steps to help you skyrocket your personal training business to new levels.

Focus on the following:

    • Efficient Scheduling
      • Optimising Training Tools
      • Following Industry Trends

Efficient Scheduling

Scheduling how many clients you want to train each week and how many days per week you want to train will help you manage your time efficiently. Work out the peak times when your clients request in-person training so that you can set this time aside as ‘training hours.’

You should consider using off-peak times to work on your business development, social media, emails and professional development.

Thanks to the benefits of fitness management software, scheduling, billing, and coaching tasks can all be partly or fully automated, leaving you with more time to train clients.

Optimising Training Tools

There are many products out there that will help your clients to achieve their goals faster or train better. For example, fitness trackers enable clients to track their workouts by receiving real-time data.

If you know the products that you’ve had good experiences with, why not offer them to your clients? Selling products related to your core business is called cross-selling, and it’s one of the easiest ways to improve your revenue and add value to your services.

Continuous education is what leads to continued success. Keep your eyes on the market and follow trends. Fitness conventions and workshops are a great place to educate yourself about developments in the market. This will help you better position yourself for maximum marketability.

Understanding that fads in fitness exist will also help you to focus your business in areas that draw the most interest. You can find out what your clients want by asking for feedback with anonymous forms.

Prepare For Success

Clients like to have interaction with their personal trainer, being able to exercise wherever they are and get advice on workouts whenever they want. Technological options have made this possible with online coaching via mobile fitness apps.

Virtuagym’s Coaching App helps you to provide a more personalised and tailored experience to your members. The app records intake information and training notes so that you can manage your members more efficiently. Members also have access to 24/7 exercise guidance, progress tracking, session tracking through Virtuagym’s credit system, and can track their own fitness journeys.

The #1 Free Coaching App for Personal Trainers

Get access to one powerful, easy-to-use app that will allow you to coach clients and track performance wherever, whenever.

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