Virtuagym has been recognized as one of the top 100 flexible employers for remote work by JobTogether.

Mar 19, 2023 - 7 min read
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Recently, JobTogether, the platform for finding the best flexible jobs and remote work around the world, has released its list of the top 100 flexible employers , and Virtuagym has earned a spot on it.

The ranking is based on the total score that companies receive based on their flexible and remote work policies, as well as the job openings available at the time of list creation.

And it’s not hard to understand why Virtuagym has been recognized in this publication!

In today’s article, we give you more details about working remotely, the advantages of remote working, tips on how to improve productivity if you work from home, and what it’s like to work remotely at Virtuagym.

What do you need to work remotely?

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Before delving into the benefits and opportunities of remote employment, it’s important to note that you may need some key elements or skills, such as:

  • Having a good internet connection

To work remotely from home, you’ll need a stable and fast internet connection platform.

If your web connection is unstable, you’re likely to experience delays when making video calls, sending messages, transferring larger files, and the web pages or applications you’re using will load more slowly.

  • Having all the devices you’ll need

It’s necessary to have at least one device that allows you to work from anywhere. The most comfortable will be a laptop or desktop computer, although you can also work with a tablet or your mobile phone.

Companies also tend to provide their workers with materials they may need to facilitate remote employment.

Don’t forget to make sure your device has enough memory, internet access, and storage capacity to perform the tasks you need to do.

  • Creating a workspace at home

One of the biggest problems with working from home can be being easily distracted.

For that reason, it’s recommended to have a room if possible, or a specific area in the house where you can work quietly.

If you can’t have your own room to set up your studio or workspace, you can set it up in any corner that can provide you with privacy and concentration.

It’s also recommended to have good lighting, natural if possible during the day and artificial for the evening. If you don’t work with enough light, your performance may decrease and it’s more likely to have negative effects on your health.

The good thing about having your own workspace at home is that you can customize it to your liking with elements that keep you motivated, such as plants, candles, or desktop organizers.

  • Having several communication tools available

In addition, it’s essential to have effective communication skills to stay in touch with coworkers and clients.

For that reason, it’s essential to have design and communication tools that allow you to be in contact with your team during your workday.

Instant messaging services, email, videoconferencing, or web portals where you can plan tasks to do are some examples.

Advantages of working remotely

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Working remotely has several benefits and opportunities to consider:

Greater flexibility in performing your tasks

First and foremost, flexibility is one of the biggest advantages.

Remote work allows people to decide when, where, and how to do their work, as long as they are available and active during the hours determined by their employers.

This means that you can work at your own pace and adapt to your personal needs.

For example, if you are an early riser, you can start your work early and finish early in the afternoon, giving you more free time for other tasks.

Saving time on commutes

In addition, remote work often eliminates commuting time.

By being able to work from anywhere, you can save time and money on transportation or gas, food, work clothes, or other expenses that may arise.

Better balance between professional and personal life

Working remotely allows people to dedicate more time to their family, friends, and other activities.

Companies can also reach agreements with employees to determine their work schedules and availability in a more personalized way.

Greater diversity, access to talent, and job opportunities

By allowing people to work from anywhere in the world, companies can expand their hiring internationally, having greater access to future candidates regardless of their geographic location.

Having an international team can foster the creativity of workers, improve the quality of work, as well as open up new platforms and business development opportunities in other countries or cultures.

How can you improve your productivity when working from home?

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While we have just mentioned some of the benefits of remote working, we also need to consider the challenges it can present.

One of these challenges is undoubtedly the need to maintain productivity as effectively or more effectively than when working from the office.

When working from home, it is easier to get distracted by household tasks or any other distractions. However, there are many ways to stay motivated and productive while working remotely.

One way to stay productive is to create a daily or weekly schedule with tasks to do and meet deadlines. This will help you stay focused on your priorities and avoid getting easily distracted.

It is also important to establish boundaries between work and personal life, know when it is time to stop and not continue working, as well as taking regular breaks to avoid exhaustion and eye fatigue.

There are many useful tools and applications to help you be more productive when working from home. For example, there are platforms like Trello or that can help you keep track of projects and manage your time.

Distraction-free applications like Freedom can block content that may distract you to help you stay focused.

Is it better to work from home full-time or have a hybrid work arrangement?

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It is clear that after the pandemic, we have had to adapt to the changing workforce. At Virtuagym, we not only had to adapt to the new situation but also had to find solutions for those clubs that had to close. For example, the free launch of Virtuagym @ Home or the integration of video platforms to broadcast workouts from home.

And while we may have become accustomed to working from the comfort of our homes or from anywhere in the world, it may be more practical or faster to perform certain tasks in the office.

On the one hand, for those who enjoy the independence and freedom that remote work provides, it can clearly be a more attractive option. As we have already mentioned, working from home can create more opportunities to customize work areas and increase comfort and productivity.

On the other hand, a hybrid work arrangement that combines remote activities with in-office presence can offer the best of both worlds.

Hybrid work allows for the flexibility of working from home while also allowing for face-to-face interaction with colleagues when they come to their physical workplace.

This method can also help change the views of those employers who still do not trust this practice.

Additionally, this option is better for those who prefer to socialize with their colleagues and feel lonely working from home or for those who have too many distractions around them.

In other words, it all depends on the individual needs, opportunities, and preferences of each person and the preferences of each company.

Working remotely at Virtuagym

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As one of the top 100 flexible employers according to JobTogether, Virtuagym is proud to offer its employees a positive work culture and a variety of benefits that support remote work.

As professionals at Virtuagym, we have access to a range of tools and resources that help us work efficiently and effectively with each department.

These include online collaboration tools such as Slack and Google Drive, as well as technical web support and online training that allow us to be fully equipped to work remotely from anywhere in the world.

Additionally, Virtuagym offers a wide range of benefits that support well-being and quality of life, such as access to a virtual fitness program and opportunities to participate in corporate social responsibility initiatives.

If you are looking for employment and want to have the opportunity to work with us, click on this link and stay informed about our current vacancies.

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