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5 Reasons a Video Workout Offering Is Key to Creating a Successful Hybrid Fitness Business

Jan 5, 2022 - 5 min read
Why are Video Workouts important for a future-proof gym?

You probably already know that business offerings that combine both real-life and digital services have become paramount in helping businesses thrive in light of the ongoing crisis. Nowhere has this been more pronounced than in the fitness industry, where opting for a hybrid fitness program is the choice du jour. If you need convincing, just check out the Les Mills 2021 Global Fitness Report , which found that 80% of gym members now want digital workout options that are fully integrated into their fitness plans.

Your clients still love coming to your facility. But clients want to be able to access you at home too. And what is the easiest and most dynamic way to reach your clients from afar? It’s by utilizing the humble exercise video, of course.

Adding a video workout offering to your services could involve pointing your clients in the direction of videos that already exist, or creating a video workout for yourself and posting it in your club app. It could mean creating your own video and posting it on social media, or it might mean that you live stream classes with a link in your class calendar in order to create a sense of community. Whichever way you deliver your video workout offering to clients, the key thing is that you make it a part of your hybrid fitness program in order to drive long-term success for your business.

Here, we outline the essential reasons why a video workout offering will prove essential to you and your fitness business as we move into 2022.

1. Use a Video Workout Offering To Reach Clients More Frequently

Unless your clients are living next door to your facility, getting them to come into your club most days of the week might prove a challenge. To keep clients in touch with you day-to-day from home, you can utilize exercise videos that will increase the contact time your clients have with you and your business.

If you have a company app like those offered by Virtuagym, you can ensure that video workouts are scheduled into your client’s calendars, giving them even less reason to flunk out on their program.

2. Retain Members by Making Working Out Easier

Skipping a workout at the gym can prove tempting, but when that workout takes place right there in your living room, this becomes somewhat trickier. A video workout offering can help a client stay on track by making it easier for them to pursue their fitness goals.

If a space at home is set up for working out, your clients will receive a visual cue to start their workout, open up your personalized branded app or website and start working out with you. When clients do this, they are more likely to stay on course with their fitness. In the long run, that means you buy yourself more loyal clients, who tell others about your business. It’s a no-brainer that having a fitness program that actually works is a proven way to reduce churn and encourage new clients to sign up for your services.

3. Keep Clients Safe From Injury

A hybrid fitness program has many merits. But simply leaving your clients with a PDF instruction list of how to work out when they are outside of your facility is not without its problems. Not only can it leave clients feeling uncertain, and spending more time googling an exercise than performing one, but it can also lead to injuries.

In order to reduce the chances of injuries suffered through incorrect form, you can provide your clients with a video workout offering to learn from, rather than a piece of paper that lacks the nuance of what the body looks and performs like in motion. A video also contains an instructor’s voice, guiding clients through common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Using a digital avatar like those available in Virtuagym’s app can also help prevent injury in this way by providing clients with a sound understanding of what the correct form of a given exercise should look like. It may sound simple but if a client does not get injured they can keep working out. This means they keep putting their money into your business and you continue to drive revenue long term.

4. Save Money in The Long Run

Using a pre-recorded video workout is a great way to provide your clients with a high-value service at a low cost. Unlike hiring talent to assist clients in your gym on a daily and hourly basis, a video workout, once recorded, is always available as an effective asset you can use to train clients. By combining online and offline classes you can provide your clients with additional offerings at a fraction of the cost, while still profiting from client sign-ups.

5. Promote Your Services and Bring in New Clients

A video workout created by your studio, gym or club not only has the potential to reach your clients when they are at home, but it also has the power to help you find brand new clients too. Encourage your clients to post about their video workouts on social media, share their results, and heck, perhaps you can even run your own video workout on social media too — now that’s one way to truly go hybrid.

Online videos are watched by everyone, making this a foolproof way to advance your business strategy. According to research from InVideo, 78% of people watch online videos every single week, and 55% of them view online videos every single day. They also found that 54% of consumers want to see more video content this year.

Want to learn more? Read about the 7 Ways to Promote Livestream Classes en Workout Video’s Online

By showcasing what your classes look like via a video workout offering, you’ll not only drive new clients towards your business by showing them what your digital offering looks like, but you’ll also give them a sense of who you are as a company and what they can expect when they go to your facility. It’s a no-nonsense example of just one of the many ways that virtual and physical fitness can work together harmoniously.

For more ideas on why and how to incorporate a video workout offering into the package you to your provide clients, check out Virtuagym’s at-home video training options .

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