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May 18, 2020 - 6 min read
Virtuagym feature to bring your fitness business online

To strategically decide which online service you want to provide to your clients, you need to take into account two variables: the level of connection you want members to have with your coaches and the level of personalization you want to deliver.

We will introduce you to five different online services you can implement into your business plan with our software. You can decide based on your resources if you would like to implement one or multiple services.

Pre-made service

A Pre-made Service is a training service that you do not have to impart in live but it is already recorded. This service is standardized and the customer can consume it easily and indiscriminately whenever they want.

With Virtuagym you can deliver this service with two of our features: Video on demand and mass workout assignment.

Video on Demand is the Netflix of the Fitness Industry on behalf of Virtuagym. We will give you access to a digital platform where you and your customers can stream the best fitness content from categories.

This is how Video on Demand looks like:

  • You can read more about our Video on Demand feature here .

Through our workout module, you can mass assign workouts plans that are already designed to all your clients. Within our module, we also have an editor where you can create your own general workout plans and maintain your training style. The idea is to create a standard offer that your clients can access and use whenever they want.

With Virtuagym we have also launched our @home solution. Your clients will have access to workouts they can do at home without material, using dumbbells, elastic bands, or a yoga mat.

Group services for specific targets in life

If you have a business model that is very focused on group classes, ideally you could offer group classes in streaming. This tool is meant to keep offering your services online, with a low personalization but still engaging your clients.

The idea is to plan the week in advance, give your clients structure, and create specific moments with them.

Virtuagym’s Group class Schedule allows your clients to follow online classed directly from the schedule. With this option, you can decide to share your content ONLY with your members, decide the capacity and price of these classes. Keep engaging your clients and maintain your business structure up and running.

It is so easy! We’ve created a new field to fill in once you create a class. In this field, you need to paste the link from Hangout, Zoom, YouTube , or any other link to access the class virtually. Your clients will be able to join the classes by clicking on the link from the Schedule on the web platform.

Semi-personalized services. Mass Customization.

The goal is to adapt or customize your fitness routines offer for large volumes of customers. This is a good example to follow when you have limited resources and you need to lower the price of your services. Following this method, you can reach more people but still offering some customization.

First of all, you need to design some product packages that are defined for a specific target audience with a specific objective. Example: A group of people between 40-65 who want to lose weight.

It is important that you don’t give the customer the possibility to choose between what they like, but you recommend and provide them with the solution that best suits their needs. We recommend you to have a system in place to identify their needs, for example, an initial survey.

With Virtuagym, you can deliver this service combining multiple modules, with us, you will create different niches in our platform that allow your mass customization:

How to create types of client

First of all, once you register a new member or even after that, you should register their goals, objectives, and other important data. You can use as well our forms in the system to collect other important information that may help you to build a more complete profile.

From these data, you should create labels for your different client’s profiles. This label will allow you to know why this client came to you and what is their objective. The main idea is, once you have this label in place, all the solutions you offer to this client will be aligned with their objective.

You can create a private group with each type of client and post specific tips and recommendations for this specific group. You can also launch specific challenges to these privates groups .

Virtuagym also covers fitness plans and nutrition within our modules. As we have seen before, we can mass assign specific workouts or nutrition plans to these private groups.

It is key to have a specific strategy in place to tackle different target groups and different objectives. The idea is to have different customer journeys in place and drive your clients through them once you recognize their objectives and needs.

Deferred personalized services

Based on a more exhaustive client data collection, the coach makes a totally personalized program design. It is not meant for immediate consumption but for the coach to provide the client with all these resources little by little in a plan of more complex training.

Using Virtuagym you can create a specific workout plan with our editor . We recommend you to tag properly each workout you create to have easier access to it and save time. They can access your 3D Workout plans through the App and you will be able to follow your client process.

You can keep using our forms to get more information from them in case you want to keep tailoring their plan.

Personalized live services

This solution would be the easiest to understand but also the most expensive due to its level of customization. We are talking about running the training session one-to-one with your clients in life.

The idea is to use Hangouts or Zoom to connect with your client and impart the class. This modality is specially designed for people with pathologies or some ailment.

With our Appointment schedule, you can manage your personal appointments.

We’ve created a new field to fill in once you create an online class. Here you need to paste your live stream link so your gym members can access the class virtually.

Your members will be able to join the classes by clicking on the link from the Schedule on the web platform - it’s only available for those who have access to the schedule or bought credit for this class. This feature will be available in the mobile app version very soon.

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