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Is your fitness business ready to survive the COVID-19 recession?

08 May 2020

Adaptability is the key to survive the changes in the fitness industry during the COVID-19 outbreak. Read here how you can overcome the current coronavirus recession.

COVID-19 phases in the fitness industry: where we are, and where we are heading

08 May 2020

Preparing for the post COVID-19 it's easier if you understand the phases of evolution of your fitness business during the pandemic and which stage you are.

5 ways to rethink your fitness business before reopening

08 May 2020

As we are getting closer to the reopening of fintess facilities, it's the perfect time to rethink your business. Are you ready to open your gym again?

All you need to know on the difference between yoga and meditation

07 May 2020

Do clients know the difference between yoga and meditation? Read all the info on whether it's better yoga or meditation according to their needs.

7 ways to promote livestream classes and workout videos online

04 May 2020

Livestream classes and online workout videos are the perfect tools to engage with your fitness community. Learn how to promote your business on social media.

Why now it's the perfect time to start doing yoga at home

30 April 2020

If your clients want to start doing yoga from home, you can live stream your yoga classes and make them available for them to practice yoga anytime.

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