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What Are People Looking for in a Post-COVID Gym?

27 November 2020

Future gyms are going to have a very different aesthethic compared to before. How can your gym prepare for the needs of future gym-goers?

New Measures in the UK for the Fitness Industry: How It Impacts You.

25 November 2020

Gyms in England are about to reopen on December 2nd. But what the new measures and how are impacting the fitness industry in the UK?

Fostering Employee Engagement Among the Remote Workforce

23 November 2020

How can your department overcome engagement issues? Discover all the employee engagement techniques you can put into practice today.

Future-proof your Business, as 46.67% of Gym Members Won’t Return

20 November 2020

Prepare your business for the future changes by avoiding churns, and providing workout videos and coaching to your members with PRO+.

Fitness Act 2020: Why You Should Care

18 November 2020

Read this article to know what the Health and Fitness Recovery Act is about and how it is going to impact your fitness business.

What Does Joe Biden’s Win Mean for the Fitness Industry?

13 November 2020

The Biden-Harris administration has a pretty robust eight-step plan to combat the spread of the coronavirus and make the country safe for reopening. We delved into how the fitness industry figures into this plan.

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