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6 Reasons Why Personal Trainers Are Going Digital

10 June 2016

Personal trainers are going digital today because the world demands connection. Being connected is not even a differentiation anymore, but an obligation, because of how the market is developing and works now.

Quick Facebook Marketing Tips for Personal Trainers

07 June 2016

Online marketing is vital for personal trainers. Check out these quick Facebook marketing tips!

The Benefits of Working with Cloud Software

27 May 2016

Software that runs on the internet, and not on your physical computer - the cloud sounds like something intangible, and you might be hesitant about moving your data to that airy-sounding place. But be assured, there are some definite benefits to moving your business to the cloud. 

The Impact of Quantified Self on the Fitness Industry

12 May 2016

Quantified Self, simply put, is self-knowledge through self-tracking. By measuring a variety of data about your personal life, you can identify patterns in your life.

Why Your Fitness Club Should Target Millennials

05 April 2016

When thinking about growing your club's client base, it is a good idea to focus on the Millennials or Generation Y. Here are 3 reasons why they are the people to target and how to do it.

5 Ways Technology Makes Nutrition Coaching Easier

21 March 2016

The importance of healthy eating and exercising is gaining popularity over the last years.

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