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It's Never Too Early to Get Your Gym Ready for the New Year

01 September 2022

Stay ahead of the competition and prepare to capitalize on the New Year fitness wave today. Ensure smooth sailing for your clients and fitness business!

How to Develop a Positive Gym Culture

19 August 2022

Going to the gym can be an intimidating experience for many so creating a positive environment in your gym is paramount to your business's growth, longevity, and client retention rates. So how do you create or shape your gym's culture into a place where people want to be? Let’s dive into 9 steps you can take to ensure your gym has a culture where members thrive.

How to Improve Your Gym Trial Conversion Rates

15 August 2022

Gym trials are a classic staple in the world of gym client acquisition, they're a great prospect for people not ready to simply jump right into the sometimes large investment of a gym membership. Now it's time to build upon this to make your gym trials more successful and result in quality members that keep renewing month after month, year after year.

5 ways to target new fitness studio members outside of your local area

12 August 2022

It can be hard for businesses in the fitness industry to attract clients outside of their local area. This post explains how to increase membership outside of the 4 mile radius surrounding your fitness studio.

10 Standout Social Media Posts for Gyms in 2022

10 August 2022

When you’re locked in on your target market, you can put relevant content in front of them that engages and entices them to share with others, growing your social media account as well as your influence and reputation. If you’re strapped for inspiration when it comes to consistently posting on social media, we’ve put together 10 standout ideas for social media posts for gyms in 2022!

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Gym?

08 August 2022

We’ve put together a handy breakdown with everything you should know to answer: how much does it cost to start a gym?

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