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5 Gym Membership Retention Ideas to Boost Business Success

11 May 2017

You have to make your customers feel special in simple, but meaningful ways, to improve your client retention rate. And here are five practical gym membership retention ideas to achieve just that!

The Perfect Local Marketing Blend for Gyms

05 May 2017

If you're a local gym, local marketing for gyms is going to be pretty darn important for you. What you do online plays a critical role in local marketing.

6 Top Tips to Improve Your Gym's Facebook Marketing Efforts

28 April 2017

One of the best ways to gain new clients is still to sell them on your facilities and services face-to-face. But it’s getting harder, sees Rick Aarsman from Hidden Profits Marketing, experts on online fitness marketing. “We serve hundreds of professionals in 7 countries. And everywhere we notice that walk-ins have gone down to a minimum, or have disappeared entirely.”

Content Marketing 101 for Personal Trainers

07 April 2017

Increasing your position as a credible and reliable personal trainer requires time and patience. New media is changing rapidly and we live in an age where the types of content that you can create are endless

8 Tips for the Perfect Personal Trainer Client Satisfaction Survey

23 March 2017

Creating a solid customer base is the first step, but once you have established that, it’s up to you to keep the retention rates high. Satisfaction is essential for the reputation of your business. In fact, studies have shown that satisfied clients share their experiences with three people on average, whereas unsatisfied clients share it with eleven. This underlines that you should always be aware of your clients’ satisfaction with your services.

An Introduction to Referral Programs for Personal Trainers

16 March 2017

As a personal trainer, you rely on a steady flow of clients. The unfortunate truth is no client will stick around forever.

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