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Skyrocketing Your PT Business To New Levels

25 January 2019

As a seasoned personal trainer, you know that your work doesn’t end once you’ve got your business up and running. A successful business requires constant optimization to deliver maximum value to your clients.

Embracing Technology to Boost Revenue

13 November 2018

Technology continues to transform the fitness industry. Exercisers can get access to workouts and nutrition plans at a touch of a button, track their health and fitness through wearable devices, and compete against famous athletes through virtual reality gamification.

Web vs. Native: Which Is The Best App For Your Business?

04 October 2018

Rarely do you see gym goers without their smartphones. Whether they’re using their devices to listen to their favourite gym playlists, track their workouts, send progress updates on social media, or take selfies of their newly defined bodies, smartphones and going to the gym are a part of their routine.

Business Intelligence: 5 Data Metrics to Drive Business Results

26 September 2018

Fuelling the engine of your business with key facts, figures and insights pulled from your gym management software is essential if you’re looking to meet the needs of your members.

The Internet of Things: the Future for Gyms?

12 September 2018

The Internet of Things offers many opportunities for fitness entrepreneurs to improve their services, reduce overhead costs, and increase turnover.

5 Fitness Marketing Tips to Unlock Your Business Potential

19 July 2018

Before you dive into your latest fitness marketing campaign, it’s important to get to grips with how to determine which markets are suitable for growth

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