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How To Get Your Fitness Studio Class Attendance Up 20%

21 March 2019

You’ve built a beautiful fitness studio which is up and running. You’ve hired some rockstar personal trainers to motivate your members. You’ve set up your business management software to ease processes.

5 Critical Mistakes Gym Owners Make

19 February 2019

How do you make your gym stand out among the rest? To help get you on the right tracks, we’ve compiled a list of some of the traps that gym owners can run into — and how to avoid them.

3 Easy Ways To Keep Fitness Studio Members Engaged

07 February 2019

Do you know how to keep your clients engaged in your fitness studio? Are you able to get them through the door often and keep their routines from feeling stale? The key is to keep your members active and make them feel like they’re just as much a part of your fitness studio as you are.

Common Myths about Personal Trainers & the Reality of the PT Business

04 February 2019

When someone says they're a personal trainer, what comes to mind? Do you envision them tanned and toned sipping green smoothies every morning, or do you see a drill sergeant barking out commands as their clients frantically try to do one last squat?

5 Simple Ways To Grow Members For Your Fitness Studio

30 January 2019

Do you know what members are looking for when they visit a fitness studio?

Technology trends for 2019: What can we expect in the fitness industry?

29 January 2019

As in previous years, fitness technology is expected to play an ever greater and more visible role in 2019 as wearables, smartphones and exercise equipment are increasingly connected.

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