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Compare your training plans with the top 5 craziest training plans

11 October 2019

Being a personal trainer in a gym, you see all kinds of athletes every day. Some are beginners, some are advanced and some you can definitely label as "pro-athletes". These type of athletes, as all trainers know, love to pressurize and push themselves to their limits.

Must-haves in your employee health and wellness programs

01 October 2019

Skipping lunch or staying up late to get the job done is one of the reasons why employee wellness programs are so important in the workplace. As an employer, it becomes your responsibility to make sure that your employees aren't compromising their health in an attempt to get more work done.

Create the best environment for your yoga students

01 October 2019

One of the best ways to create a loving place for your yoga students is to put yourself in your student's shoes. Here are some helpful tips and methods to make sure your yoga studio is the ultimate safe place for your students.

5 most annoying people in your gym; do you recognize them?

25 September 2019

Being a gym owner, you may recognize these annoying gym member types. These people are not just irritating to gymgoers, they're costly and lead to a public complaint. So what can you do to avoid it?

5 tips to help you keep your clients going outside of the gym

20 September 2019

Helping clients outside of the gym can be really challenging. The good news is, there are tips to help you!

5 Fool-Proof Ways to Get your CrossFit Gym Thriving

16 September 2019

Building a strong, bonded CrossFit gym community is a crucial part of your business. Here are some fool-proof methods and strategies that can make your gym the number one priority out of all others.

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