Optimizing Your Scheduling Means Fully Booked Classes

Jan 11, 2022 - 3 min read
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It’s important to optimize the studio space that is available by creating an easy-to-use scheduling system and to manage the number of members in your studio at the same time. When members can easily sign up for classes and are engaged with your studio they are more likely to sign up for extra classes and a fully booked schedule means more revenue for your studio. It’s a simple, painless process and can be used from day 1.

SoulStudio 010 keeps it HOT

After freelancing for years, Yada van der Hoek founded SoulStudio 010  offers a range of HOT classes including Hot Yoga, Hot Pilates, and Hot Small Group Workouts. SoulStudio offers monthly memberships, single classes, and even credits that can be purchased and used for individual classes.

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It was important for Yada’s members to be able to easily book or cancel classes and also join a waiting list in case any spaces pop up so they can plan their own schedules accordingly. Because more members booking classes = fuller classes = higher retention = more revenue for SoulStudio. It’s also important for Yada and her staff to know when they are instructing so that they can maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Spend less time scheduling and more time instructing

Yada decided to optimize SoulStudio’s scheduling process by using Virtuagym. Automating the process meant more time for Yada’s passion - teaching classes. With Virtuagym’s automated scheduling module implemented, SoulStudio members could book classes on their own, cancel classes, check their spot on a waiting list, receive a push notification when a spot opened up and even see how many credits they have remaining (or top up as needed in the webshop).

For Yada, it was easy to tell when she or her staff were instructing a class, who would be attending and what the capacity it was going to be. Members no longer had to worry about not getting into a Hot Yoga class! Giving members access to a schedule of classes reduced their barrier to entry which meant more value and increased revenue for SoulStudio.

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Let’s dive in and create a schedule and events to see how your studio can save time!

To start, Yada set up her schedule in Virtuagym. This was easily done in her portal under System Settings in the side-bar menu. In the Essentials section, she selected Schedule Settings and “Add” to create her schedule. Under Advanced Settings, there were options to send members a confirmation email after bookings, cancellations or regarding class changes, to merge the same classes or even allow recurring bookings.

After clicking “Save”, the schedule was created and then it was then possible to add classes. Yada tried out the system for herself and was able to do basic functions, but she then attended a training session at Virtuagym’s office where she learned how to make the most out of the scheduling module. Self-proclaimed “not great with computers”, she needed to choose a scheduling solution that she could easily use - and Virtuagym was a no-brainer.

Edit schedule Virtuagym app

To add Hot Yoga classes, Yada went to the Schedule module and selected the date and time for the class and a pop up window appeared. She assigned the instructor, maximum number of participants, date, start and end times, recurrence, cancellation policy and among other options.

After she clicked “Add”, the class was live on the schedule. The studio had complete oversight on the scheduling system and could keep track of all studio classes. Now SoulStudio members could easily book their classes either on their app or on SoulStudio’s website.

Creating a new event in Virtuagym app

Virtuagym’s all-in-one software suite offers a scheduling solution but also boasts a ton of additional features that can help you run your studio. Try it out in your own Virtuagym portal .

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