20 Creative Online Fitness Challenge Ideas

Jan 9, 2023 - 10 min read
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With more and more people turning to online platforms to stay connected, As a successful gym owner , you may be inclined to find new ways to engage with your members.

One of the best ways is by creating virtual fitness challenges for your online personal training clients that will get your members excited about staying active and reaching their goals.

Here are 20 online fitness challenge ideas that you can use to keep your members motivated.

1. The 30-Day Plank Fitness Challenge

A woman doing a plank workout

This challenge is a great way to build core strength and stability.

Participants can start with a basic plank position, then gradually increase the hold time as they work up to 30 days of planking.

You can also offer variations in the challenge, such as a 30-day alternating arm and leg plank or a 30-day side plank challenge.

2. The A-Z Workout Fitness Challenge

Alphabets on a white sheet with a pencil on it

This challenge requires participants to complete one exercise for each letter of the alphabet over 30 days.

For example, on day 1 they might do arm circles (A), on day 2 they might do burpees (B), and so on until they have completed all 26 letters of the alphabet.

You can make the challenge even more challenging by assigning reps or time limits for each exercise.

3. The 7-Minute Workout Fitness Challenge

A watch on a persons wrist

This challenge is designed to fit into any busy schedule! Participants simply have to complete 7 minutes of high-intensity exercises every day for seven days straight, either in one session or spread out throughout the day.

The exercises should be tailored specifically for each participant’s fitness level, but generally involve cardio, strength training, core work, and stretching exercises.

4. The Step Fitness Challenge

A woman doing a step up workout

This classic challenge is perfect for encouraging your members to stay active throughout their daily lives!

Participants will compete against each other by seeing who can take the most steps in one week or month—either manually tracking them or using a fitness tracker like Fitbit or Apple Watch—and posting their results online so everyone can stay motivated and cheer each other on!

5. Social Media Fitness Challenges

A woman recording a video for an online fitness challenge

These types of challenges are great because they encourage participants to get creative with their workouts while still getting a good sweat in!

For example, you could ask your members to post videos of themselves doing an unusual exercise combination (like jumping jacks combined with pushups) or completing an obstacle course made from common household items like chairs and pillows.

You can also post regular fitness content leading up to the challenge just to keep the members engaged and motivated.

6. Healthy Eating Challenge

A mix of different vegetables and foods on a white background

A healthy eating challenge encourages your members to track their healthy habits such as daily meals and makes sure that they are eating nutritious foods.

This kind of challenge helps promote a balanced diet, which is an important component of any successful fitness program.

You can even offer rewards for those who complete the challenge successfully!

7. 30-Day Squat Challenge

A woman doing a squat workout

Squats are a great exercise for building strength and muscle tone, and doing them regularly will help your gym members reach their fitness goals faster.

A squat challenge encourages participants to complete a set number of squats each day for 30 days straight.

It’s easy to follow and offers a great opportunity for members to push themselves and try out a new workout challenge every month!

8. The 5K Fitness Challenge

A group of people running a marathon

This type of challenge is perfect for those just starting out on their fitness journey.

The 5K Challenge encourages participants to slowly increase their running distance over 30 days until they can run a 5K (3.1 miles).

It’s a great way to set realistic goals while also seeing progress quickly!

9. The Sit-Up Fitness Challenge

A man doing a sit up

Sit-ups are one of the most popular exercises around because they engage both the abdominal muscles as well as the hip flexors.

A sit-up challenge involves completing sets of sit-ups every day for 30 days — with each day increasing in difficulty!

It’s an effective way for your gym members to target specific areas of their bodies while keeping things interesting at the same time.

10. Pull-up Fitness Challenge

A man and a woman doing a pull up workout fitness challenge

You can never go wrong with a good old-fashioned pull-up contest! Assign points based on how many pull-ups people can do in one minute—the person with the most points at the end wins!

This is also a fun way to get beginners interested in trying something new while giving experienced lifters an opportunity to show off their strength.

11. Burpee Fitness Challenge

A man doing a burpee

Burpees are one of the most effective exercises around because they engage multiple muscle groups at once.

A burpee challenge involves completing sets of burpees each day, with each day increasing in difficulty until you reach 100 burpees per session!

This intense workout will help your gym members build strength, stamina, and endurance - all in one go!

12. Mindfulness Challenge

A woman sitting on a bed meditating

Mindfulness is another important aspect of physical fitness that often gets overlooked. This challenge could require members to practice mindfulness techniques like meditation or yoga every day for a certain amount of time.

Or you could challenge them to practice gratitude by writing down three things they’re grateful for each day.

Whatever you choose, this challenge will help your members build mental strength along with physical strength.

13. Hydration Challenge

A man drinking water from a bottle

Not drinking enough water is one of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to their health and wellness.

Encourage your members to stay properly hydrated with a hydration challenge! Members can track how much water they’re drinking throughout the day and work towards meeting their daily goals.

This is an easy but effective way to promote healthier habits among your members.

14. Flexibility Challenge

A woman stretching her leg

Flexibility is an important component of any exercise routine, yet many people don’t prioritize stretching as much as they should.

A flexibility challenge can encourage your members to focus on stretching and increasing their range of motion by completing a set number of stretches each day or week.

You could even provide videos or tutorials featuring various stretching exercises that your members can follow along with at home!

15. Cycling Fitness Challenges

Three peope cycling on a road

Cycling is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of exercise in recent years, so why not create a cycling challenge?

You can offer incentives like discounts on cycling gear or virtual rewards for those who complete the challenge within a certain timeframe (e.g., biking 100 miles in two weeks). Cycling challenges are fun and engaging—not to mention great cardio!

16. Improve Your Personal Best

A man getting ready to sprint

This is a great challenge for runners or any other member who likes to track their progress over time.

Set a goal of improving their personal best by 10% within one month’s time—a reasonable but achievable goal that will encourage them to stay consistent and work hard toward bettering themselves every day.

17. 30-Day Yoga Challenge

A group of people performing yoga

Yoga has become increasingly popular as people seek ways to relax and de-stress from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Put together a 30-day yoga challenge where you assign different poses each day with instructions on how to do them properly.

This will not only keep your members engaged but also introduce them to different yoga poses they may not have tried before! You can also make use of our yoga studio software to help speed up the process.

18. Holiday Fitness Challenge

A pink background with the text merry christmas on it

Take advantage of holidays throughout the year (like Thanksgiving or Christmas) as an opportunity for special-themed challenges!

For example, create a “Turkey Trot” challenge during Thanksgiving where participants must complete 5K runs or walk/jogs within one hour or less in order to win prizes or bragging rights!

19. Leaderboard Challenges

A blackboard with names written on it

These types of challenges are designed to give members an extra motivation boost by showing everyone where they stand relative to others who are participating in the same challenge.

You can make this competitive by holding a special gym event and offering rewards for those who reach various milestones throughout the course of the challenge (e.g., the first person to complete 100 push-ups).

20. Themed Fitness Challenges

A man doing a push up

Create challenges that are specific to certain themes such as ‘Fastest Mile’ or ‘Most Push-Ups in 60 Seconds’.

Make sure you provide clear instructions on how to complete the challenge, as well as any resources (such as videos) needed to help participants complete the challenge correctly.

How Virtual Fitness Challenges Can Help Grow Your Fitness Business?

As a gym owner, you know how important it is to keep your clients engaged and motivated.

Unfortunately, this can be challenging in today’s digital world where most people prefer the convenience of working out online from their homes. Let’s take a look at the benefits of doing so.

Increase Client Engagement

Creating virtual fitness challenges is a great way to increase client engagement and keep them motivated.

It gives them something fun and exciting to work towards with other members of your gym community, which can help inspire them to come back for more classes or private sessions.

Plus, offering rewards or incentives for completing the challenge can give clients an extra push to stick with it until the end.

Build Brand Awareness

Creating an online fitness challenge also allows you to build brand awareness among potential customers who may not have heard of your business before.

When clients share their progress on social media or invite friends and family to join in on the challenge, it helps generate buzz around your gym and gets more eyes on your brand.

This could potentially lead to more memberships down the line!

Improve Community Connections

Virtual fitness challenges can help improve connections between current clients, which can ultimately lead to increased retention rates at your gym.

By encouraging teambuilding activities during these challenges, you create a sense of camaraderie that will make people want to stay connected even when they’re not actively participating in the challenge itself.

This could be especially beneficial for gyms that focus on group classes or team training sessions as it will help foster stronger relationships between participants for future classes or sessions together!

Generate Revenue

Revenue is always top-of-mind for any business owner—and with good reason!

Creating virtual fitness challenges can help you generate revenue by enticing new customers with discounted membership rates if they sign up during the challenge period or giving existing members bonuses if they complete certain tasks within a certain amount of time (e.g., reach 10 miles run in a month).

In addition, sponsorships are another great way to monetize these challenges and offset costs associated with running them while helping promote local businesses too!

Track Progress Easily

Finally, these challenge makes tracking client progress easy as pie!

You don’t have to spend hours manually entering data into spreadsheets; instead, you can simply set up metrics within the system that track each participant’s progress over time so that you always know exactly how far along everyone is in reaching their goals (and whether or not they’re succeeding).

This information can then be used for future marketing campaigns or just general benchmarking purposes too!


Gym owners can reap numerous benefits by creating virtual fitness challenges for their customers.

Such challenges act as great motivators and encourage members to stay motivated as they become part of a fitness community in which everyone is on a similar mission.

They are able to track their progress with the help of fitness trackers, and a workout video makes it easier to switch up routines and keep things interesting.

Virtual fitness challenges also foster healthy competition among members, giving them an extra boost of fitness motivation when needed.

Moreover, such challenges improve mental health and increase the likelihood that members join a local gym or remain active over the longer term.

Virtual challenges give customers the freedom to work at their own pace, engaging them each step of the way while motivating them to stay healthy and fit.

Consider offering some of these online challenges today – you’ll be surprised at how quickly they can become popular among your members!

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