Virtuagym Matrix and the New Integration: Enhance Your Gym Experience!

Mar 5, 2023 - 5 min read
Matrix-Virtuagym Integration

Who would have thought that the gym experience could be further digitized in the future? We at Virtuagym and Matrix Fitness have managed to do just that!

Who is Matrix Fitness?

Matrix Fitness is a leading provider of fitness equipment and solutions worldwide. They have their headquarters in the USA but operate globally with dealers all over the world .

Their products and solutions are also available in the US and Europe, where they are among the leading fitness brands. Matrix Fitness offers high-quality, connected strength and cardio equipment that is compatible with Virtuagym’s digital solutions. Matrix Fitness Logo

Virtuagym: Innovative Digital Solutions for Fitness Businesses

Virtuagym is a fitness software company based in Amsterdam. Our all-in-one management software provides everything a gym or personal trainer needs to deliver an optimal workout experience and create smooth administration.

With the Virtuagym platform, you can manage your member and workout data, track payments, digitize class bookings, automate your processes, and much more.

We have partnered with Matrix Fitness and are excited to introduce our latest integration: the Matrix strength integration.

Virtuagym Logo

What does the Matrix strength machine integration do?

This ongoing partnership between Virtuagym and Matrix includes an existing integration with Matrix cardio machines, which has now been extended to include the strength machine integration.

The new integration allows you to take your customers’ workout experience to the next level by connecting Matrix strength machines with our virtual training software.

So you can control the equipment, create workout programs, and track your customers’ progress in real time. A perfect example of how digital innovations can revolutionize the traditional gym experience.

It’s pretty simple

With 22 modern strength training consoles, the integration can automatically track the number of repetitions, the amount of weight, and the number of sets your customers perform on the strength machines.

Automated tracking

The new integration offers the following benefits:

  • Automatic tracking of sets, repetitions, and weights
  • Automatic synchronization of workout data with the user’s Virtuagym profile
  • Improved ability to create individual workout plans
  • Automatic progress reports for members and trainers
  • Increased motivation through the ability to track progress and achieve goals

This means that your customers can fully focus on their workouts without having to worry about manual input.

Easy tracking: How RFID integration works at Virtuagym

By using RFID technology, the integration can automatically synchronize your customer’s workout data with their Virtuagym profile.

As soon as the customer uses the workout equipment, they simply need to hold their RFID tag to it, and the device starts recording the workout.

The data is then automatically uploaded to your customers’ Virtuagym profiles, where it is available for future reference and progress tracking.

Fitness Tracker

If you’re curious and want to learn more about tracking in the fitness industry, check out this blog: Everything you need to know about wearables and tracking

The Gym Revolution: Benefits of Integration

The best thing about the integration is that it provides your customers with a stress-free way to track their workout progress without having to make manual entries.

Because who doesn’t know this? You start a new workout program full of motivation, and after a few weeks, you’ve lost interest.

According to statistics, up to 65 percent of people quit their workout programs within three to six months .

This is where Virtuagym’s RFID integration comes in. Through this seamless integration, you can create personalized workout plans for your customers and boost their motivation!

Because when your customer sees progress and records success, they will be much more motivated to stick to their workout.

So let’s work together to ensure that your customers achieve their goals and don’t belong to the 65 percent who give up!

Strength training

Here’s how:

  1. Analysis of training behavior:
    By monitoring your customers’ training behavior, you can integrate helpful tips into your workout plans and determine which exercises are effective and which are not. This helps you optimize your customer’s workout programs.
  2. Training tracking:
    By tracking your customer’s training progress, you can see the improvements they are making and areas that need improvement. This also gives you insight into whether the customer is sticking to the plan and training regularly.
  3. Progress measurement:
    By measuring your customer’s progress, you can provide feedback and motivate them by showing them the successes they have already achieved and how they can improve further.
  4. Adjusting workout plans through progress tracking:
    By tracking your customer’s progress, you can adapt their workout plan, for example, by increasing the weight on strength machines or adding exercises that specifically target their weaknesses.

In short, this integration is a real game-changer in the field of strength training. It offers a convenient and seamless way to track workout progress, which ultimately leads to better results and increased efficiency for your gym.

Fit for the Future: How the Fitness Industry is Reinventing Itself

The fitness industry is undergoing a continuous shift towards connected and integrated experiences.

In a time when technology and fitness are increasingly intertwined, it is becoming increasingly important for gyms and providers to offer their customers a seamless, integrated, and personalized experience.

Business Analytics

An article from Virtuagym also shows how gyms can adapt their offerings to the needs of their customers through the use of digital technologies , thereby increasing their chances of success.

From the start, Virtuagym has focused on integrating with other fitness providers to create a seamless experience for users. In this respect, the partnership with Matrix Fitness is a significant step towards a connected and integrated fitness world.

Companies that can seamlessly integrate technology into their offerings can better serve their customers and remain competitive. This will shape the fitness industry in the coming years and bring about changes in the way we train.

Gym equipment

Overall, the integration of Matrix strength machines demonstrates what the future of fitness looks like. With Virtuagym’s open platform philosophy, you are well-positioned to play a leading role in this rapidly changing industry.

So now find out how you can use the Matrix Cardio and Strength Integration from Virtuagym to unlock the full potential of your business.

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