Make More Time for Your Passion With a Yoga Studio Software

Feb 6, 2021 - 6 min read
Ways in which a yoga software can help you

Yoga helps people become the best possible version of themselves and be zen but also fitter to go through life. As a yoga teacher, you contribute to this. That’s why we want to help you become the best possible yoga studio you can be.

For you, but also for your students. In this blog, we will explain how yoga studios make the best out of our yoga studio software.

Owning a yoga studio brings a lot of possibilities and responsibilities. How do you ensure that you remain authentic, can continue sharing your passion, and yet create growth for your yoga studio or school? Yoga is all about balance.

A yoga studio software will make the less pleasant aspects of doing business easier and save valuable time. This way you can focus more on your passion: yoga.

Why Should I Use a Yoga Studio Software?

In recent years we have seen the number of yoga studios rise explosively. Yoga is more popular than ever, the yoga entrepreneurs are on the rise.

The use of software to schedule yoga classes and help with membership administration is gradually becoming ’the standard'.

Yet the use of software for many (mostly starting) yoga studios is still very frightening and/or too complicated. Why is this?

Turn Your Fears Into Learning Opportunities

These are the three frequently mentioned reasons why yoga studio owners hesitate to use software:

  • Small yoga studios and independent yoga teachers do not find the use of the software necessary
  • Yoga studios find software too complicated
  • Software makes yoga impersonal

The use of software is no longer just for the big players, but also for the smaller yoga studios and independent yoga teachers. We increasingly notice that the use of software is becoming indispensable, especially during the current pandemic.

We can all agree that practicing yoga during a pandemic is a powerful tool to cope with stress and emotions . You should focus on encouraging your community to take this time to build stronger relationships and deal with the emotional distress caused by COVID-19. And here you are going over invoices and other time-consuming tasks.

We understand that you wouldn’t say paperwork is part of your passions (that passion was aimed at starting your own yoga studio, wasn’t it?), but it is one of the most important parts of your business - and crucial for your survival and growth. Boohoo!

Imagine that:

You’re behind on sending invoices and your mailbox is about to explode. Furthermore, you have 10 trial lessons planned for this week and you have to make several schedule changes at the same time and arrange for a replacement yoga teacher…

Wouldn’t it be soothing, despite the fact that you, as a passionate studio owner who does everything by hand, can hand it over? So you can focus on connecting smiles?

Is It Easy to Start Using a Yoga Studio Software?

The step from manual processes to yoga-studio software is seen by some as a big difference in the way of working. The use of yoga software actually isn’t at all as difficult as you are probably thinking right now.

As the name suggests, yoga studio software has been specially designed for and in collaboration with yoga studios. This makes it intuitive and easy to use.

Based on wishes and needs, Virtuagym personalizes the software so that it matches perfectly with every yoga studio.

One of our clients agrees, saying that as a yoga teacher you want to focus on yoga and the human aspect of doing business.

“As a yoga teacher you just want to focus on preparing classes, teaching and everything that has to do with yoga. You just want to make the business side easy and clear for yourself. Yoga-teaching is about your mind, body and lifestyle.”

Let’s see what this software can do. The video below explains it.

Top 3 Benefits of Using a Yoga Software

It is important that the software is compatible with every studio and business plan.

The three most important functions for a good yoga tool are scheduling classes, member administration, and the payment system.

Client’s opinion: “The system is very easy to use. With just 2 clicks on the button, customers have booked a lesson on my website. Virtuagym also helps me with all kinds of administrative tasks. I can send invoices, I build up a customer database and I also have my own online community.”

1. Easy Agenda

With an online calendar, your members can book classes from your own yoga studio app - or from your website. Anyone can book classes directly online.

This is great for your clients, but also for yourself. You can see in one quick look who is coming to your lessons, make changes, and set up reminders and waiting lists. With Virtuagym you can create maximum occupancy in the yoga classes .

2. User-friendly Member Administration

Interaction with members is made easier by using an all-in-one solution. With just one click, new contracts are sent, signed, invoiced, and processed fully automatically.

With this member administration option you, as an entrepreneur, have everything you need such as member administration, yoga timetable, human resources, orders, and payments in a structured environment.

3. Easy and Fast Payments

No more worries about transactions because this is automatically tracked by the software. Payments and invoicing are therefore done automatically via the Virtuagym portal. Virtuagym supports global payment methods (including iDeal and PayPal) and so anyone can pay a subscription directly in the webshop or via the app.

​​Healthier and Happier Yogis with Their Own Yoga App

Yoga is not just a matter of sports, yoga is so much more than that. Many of our clients are active in the Community feature. It is also a nice gesture for your clients to feel that they really are a part of the Community. You can build your own Community in our app.

Through your own yoga Community and personalized yoga app, you can stay in touch with your members. This way you never miss an opportunity to help or share with your members.

Your clients will always be updated and you will be able to interact with them directly. Our many years of experience in the industry have taught us that building relationships with your members is crucial .

This keeps them loyal to your studio and improves your retention. The Virtuagym Yoga Community was created for this purpose. Inform your clients about new classes, motivation tips, offers, or challenge them with yoga challenges.

To finalize, why should other yoga studios also use Virtuagym?

Client’s opinion: “I would recommend Virtuagym because it is actually an all-in-one package for studio owners and yoga teachers. It almost looks like a promotional interview, but Virtuagym really makes a big difference to me. It’s easy to use, it’s clear and they have a good customer service that you can always ask for.”

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