5 Lead Magnet Ideas for Fitness Businesses From Those That Are Mastering It

Mar 11, 2022 - 5 min read
Useful lead magnet ideas from other professionals

You’re a fitness business and serious about growing your memberships, and you probably know the power of the lead magnet.

According to HubSpot , 49.7% of marketers who start using lead magnets report higher conversion rates.

They’re a great way to give potential clients something of value, and in exchange, collect their email addresses which you’ll then be able to sell more services to in the future. While simple, in theory, honestly they’re not easy to create. Just because your main business is all about fitness doesn’t mean you’re automatically qualified to create effective lead magnets that people will want to opt into. So today we’ve got five lead magnet ideas for fitness businesses from those that are actually doing it, as well as some tips for creating your own.

Grow Your Email List With A Free Meal Plan

The best lead magnets are valuable and relevant to your target audience. For fitness businesses, food is an important component of any health and wellness plan. A well-designed meal plan helps your members stick to their nutrition goals, so it’s a great prospecting tool for using to grow your email list and attract new members.

This lead magnet is perfect for the fitness business that already offers nutrition planning or guidance as part of its services. Simply repurpose your existing content by creating a downloadable PDF with a week’s worth of recipes and tips for following the plan. When launching a new service, consider hiring an expert to create a custom meal plan for you.

If you are offering personal training services instead of nutrition plans, this as inspiration for a lead magnet is still useful.

A healthy lifestyle includes more than just exercise, so give your prospects the tools they need to make positive changes in other areas of their life as well.

A 30-Day Free Online Fitness Challenge

The 30-day online fitness challenge is one of the most popular lead magnets because it provides value to both your existing members and prospects. For your prospects, it’s a way for them to see what you offer without committing to a membership, and for your current members, it’s an opportunity to try something new.

Here’s how the 30-day workout challenge works;

It’s a series of workouts that are appropriate for all levels, including beginners. Use any format you want, but most gyms send these workouts out in email form.

Choose if you want to have one workout per day or have them repeat over the course of the month (for example, Day 1 is Monday, Day 1 again is Tuesday). We recommend that you make up multiple sets of workouts so people don’t get bored by doing the same routine for five days in a row.

Release all the workouts at once or each week (or whatever time frame you choose). Keep people from getting burned out from doing too many sessions back-to-back.

Free Workout Videos

According to our client YTP , 40% of its members had paused their contracts. Yet, as the year progressed, there was an impressive 20% increase in sign-ups for virtual workout classes as more and more trainers recognized the value of delivering online services.

Creating a workout video series is an easy and effective way to show off your expertise in the fitness industry. Do this by recording an entire workout at your gym or studio, or by creating a more elaborate production with cameras set up around the room so people see each exercise as if they were right there with you.

Complete and add it to your website or a landing page where visitors can opt-in with their email address. Give them access to your series and obtain their information and start nurturing and driving them down the funnel.

Free Workout Plan

No matter how long they’ve been working out, everybody needs a plan. And even if they’re happy with their current workout plan, they’re always willing to try something new.

Whether it’s for today or next week, having a “plan” ready is always handy. So why not create a few customized workout plans for different goals? Then give these away for free in exchange for the email addresses of potential leads and customers. For example:

Build muscle in just 30 days!

Slim down before the holidays!

And so on…

In order to make it even more powerful, make the title time-sensitive and specific enough to attract prospective members’ attention. Fear of missing out always gets people!

Free Digital Fitness Consultation

One of the most important benefits of free digital fitness consultation is that understanding better the needs of your prospects tailors the services accordingly. Tailored offerings in most cases end with conversions.

Offer a free tester session, get your prospect’s details and then send them an automated follow-up email with a special offer to join your gym/club/class. Or it may be that you want to capture their contact details to promote other services you offer.

The lead magnet allows you to make contact with your prospect and build a relationship with them.

The fitness business is booming, and with the desire for staying in shape on the rise, it’s an industry that’s worth investing time and effort into.

But when you’re busy running a fitness business, and you don’t have time to create a lead magnet from scratch, what can you do?

To get the best results possible with your lead magnet, it would be a safe investment to choose a tool designed to keep track of leads. Adding new leads to this tool allows you to focus on marketing your fitness business and building relationships with potential members while improving your member retention. Talk about two birds with one stone!

For more ideas on why and how to improve your lead generation strategy, boost engagement, future proof your business, and drive revenue check out Virtuagym’s fitness software for health clubs and studio chains.

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