It's Never Too Early to Get Your Gym Ready for the New Year

Sep 1, 2022 - 6 min read
Why should you start recruiting clients for the New Years rush now?

There isn’t a magical ‘right time’ to start your fitness journey; in fact, the best day to start was yesterday. The next best day is today!

The same goes for your fitness business.

Why wait?

Now that summer is officially over, the holidays are fast approaching.

And to make the most of the holiday cheer for your gym, it is time to start preparing.

A change in seasons often means changes to how we train, and the holidays are the perfect opportunity for both fitness businesses and clients to prosper.

This is usually the time we see a wealth of discounts enticing us back into exercise- from Black Friday deals to Boxing Day discounts.

But to really stay ahead of the competition, it’s time to see what your customers have to say.

Get ahead of the game this winter; attract and retain your clients with our top tips designed to evolve and elevate your fitness offerings.

Are Your Clients Getting What They Need?

Now that we are finally waving goodbye to summer, the first step is to check in with your customers and open up a dialogue- are your offerings still of value?

How could you improve? And what would it take to make the necessary changes?

During the pandemic, we saw a rise in popularity for Livestream fitness classes- and it looks as though they’re here to stay.

As we approach the colder months, outdoor classes and boot camps might be preferred by some, but for others, it might be time to move inside and online.

It is crucial to ensure you are offering appropriate options for your intended client base.

  • Take Your Classes Outdoors

We all remember being told to ‘get outdoors and play’, and science backs it up!

Training outside hosts a ton of physical and mental benefits from improved energy and mood to reduced stress levels and fatigue; the great outdoors is an all-natural medicine.

And it’s social!

Community fitness activities allow people of all ages and ability to catch up nd catch a sweat, as well as encouraging some healthy competition and team spirit.

It’s worth considering if this is something you can (or want to) offer and what you’ll need to get started.

Everything You Need To Know About How To Start An Outdoor Fitness Class

However, if you are keen to take your business online this winter it is important to capture and retain clients who prefer to train outdoors.

How? Keep it social!

A crucial part of outdoor training is the social community it builds, but online classes can promote the same sense of belonging.

  • Take Your Classes Online

We’ve seen virtual fitness take the world by storm over recent years, particularly since the start of the pandemic.

And there appears to be no slowing down.

Harnessing technology is the perfect opportunity to attract new clients and retain existing clients by diversifying your content- all with the simple use of a phone or laptop!

Online classes allow people to train wherever, whenever, and regardless of the weather.

It is also a chance to offer a range of different classes, filmed and streamed at your convenience.

If you’re thinking of making the move online, there are a few basic considerations:

  • Equipment- Whether you own a gym facility or you’re a personal trainer, make sure classes are accessible for everyone and offer a range of equipment options.
  • Environment- A good quality camera, tripod, and microphone can transform the workout experience for your clients and enhance engagement.
  • Live Vs Pre-recorded- Research shows that 70% of people use pre-recorded workout videos, while 75% of fitness users attend live workouts!

Will people join in real-time or download content- or both?

  • Content Location- Where will you house and advertise your content? How can you incorporate the use of social media to build community?

Here’s Our Ultimate Guide For Building Your Online Fitness Brand

Learn more about How To Livestream A Fitness Class

  • Utilize Technology: The Benefits Of Apps For Your Fitness Business

Our lives have been on hold for a while.

Research indicates that loneliness has had a profound impact on our overall mental and physical wellbeing throughout the pandemic.

It is now more crucial than ever to reconnect with our loved ones.

We know the wealth of benefits exercise has on both our physical and mental wellbeing, but the social aspect of training has a real influence on our commitment to exercise.

People who work out together are far more likely to stay accountable and consistent with their exercise regime, dramatically improving fitness outcomes in the long term.

Technology, and the use of an app, in particular, is a brilliant way to build a fitness community online for clients while keeping exercise challenging and engaging.

According to**,** mobile app research from eMarketer shows that the fitness app market is forecasted to reach $14.64 billion by 2027.

Why? Convenience!

Apps allow clients to schedule classes, track progress and engage with other users- all from the touch of a button.

Technology makes exercise accessible for both businesses and users.

Essentially, it bridges the divide in location, time zones, affordability, and access to quality instructors.

It might just be time to jump on the wagon!

  • Boost Your Incentives

Social media streams are a great platform to advertise services and elevate engagement.

But what sets you apart?

Custom-building the client experience makes clients feel special.

Referral programs, family and spouse deals, and loyalty programs are all creative ways to attract new clients. But also to retain existing clients and connect loved ones.

You might also want to consider social campaigns offering free classes or merchandise for clients that repost or advertise your services!

  • Invest In Gym Management Software

More clients can mean more paperwork.

, you can make life a lot easier by automating your daily processes so that your time is free to focus on what really matters- your clients and your fitness business.

If you’re unfamiliar with gym management systems, they are designed specifically to streamline administration and keep your day-to-day organized.

From automated club communications and marketing tools to billing process management, lead conversion support, and schedule management - you’re always covered. Read How Virtuagym’s Gym Software Technology Can Help Your Business Thrive

The Takeaway

New Year fitness motivation can be hard to come by for many people, but putting the preparation into your business early doors can save a huge amount of work further down the line.

Ensuring your clients remain at the heart of what you do will elevate their experience, meaning they’ll be a part of your community for years to come!

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