Increase Personal Trainer Visibility & Improve Costs Of Your Health Club

May 12, 2022 - 5 min read
How to use personal trainer finder to improve their visibility to members

A Personal Trainer is very much the heart and soul of the gym. PTs keep members inspired and motivated as they support them in reaching their health and fitness goals.

A study conducted by the Journal of Sports Science & Medicine even revealed that working out with a personal trainer can actually improve a client’s success rate of achieving their fitness goals by a whopping 30 percent! Helping your members achieve their goals translates to better client retention and member satisfaction for your health club.

In order to keep this cycle going, personal trainer visibility is crucial for selling PT sessions. Fill out your personal training staff’s client roster and gain revenue for both the club as well as the PTs themselves. Amplify the visibility of your health club’s personal training staff. This is advantageous for both parties. The gym saves time and money on marketing costs, reduces the cost per lead, increases conversions, and boosts revenue. In the meantime, PTs will increase their income.

Improving personal trainer visibility involves boosting their know-like-trust factor. Emphasize their knowledge and expertise and the value they provide to each and every member.

Selling More Personal Trainer Sessions is a Win-Win

Here’s where the numbers come in: The Personal Fitness industry in the US saw a growth of 2.4% per year from 2015 to 2020 and that absolutely exponential growth is showing no signs of slowing. It behooves a gym to support their PTs when it comes to selling training sessions. This guarantees extra revenues for the PT and for the health club as well.

Moreover, freelance personal trainers in the UK earn between £20 and £40 an hour; while trainers employed by fitness centers can earn £14,000 to £16,000 per year. The logical conclusion of these statistics is that a health club clearly contributes to the income of a personal trainer. The selling of PT sessions is a symbiotic relationship that is beneficial for both parties.

So, just how can you increase the recognition of your PTs while simultaneously reducing the costs associated with health club marketing? The one-two punch of establishing trust and maximizing online visibility.

Establish Trust and Rapport

The client-trainer relationship is one that must be built upon trust. Oftentimes members will feel more comfortable dealing one on one with a PT than they do with the organization. Make sure that your personal trainers are representing your gym properly.

It is imperative that PTs on the gym floor make the goal of increasing member trust their number one priority. Establish a rapport with your health club members. Grow their know-like-trust relationship by answering questions, providing value, responding to clients’ needs, and demonstrating their expertise.

Certain members might not be interested in PT sessions for themselves. However, the giving nature of your health club’s personal trainers will keep them top of mind for references to their family members or friends who are looking to get their own health and fitness journey started.

Increase the earnings potential by incentivizing PTs to establish relationships with members and increasing member satisfaction. Keep in mind that member satisfaction increases the overall earning potential.

Maximize the Online Visibility of your Personal Trainer

It is common knowledge that people head online when they are searching for anything these days. Why should finding their personal trainer be any different? Give your members the opportunity to get to know your personal trainers online!

There are many different ways you can make your PTs more visible online. Give personal trainers the tools to market themselves or just make sure they’re easy to find for potential clients.

Bios of PTs on the website

Make good use of your health club’s website by featuring your PTs front and center on the main page. Make sure their bio is filled out and up to date. Do members of your training staff have a niche? A certain type of client they specialize in? A specific certification that can help a particular type of client? Do they teach any small group classes? Verify that all of this information is written out clearly and share their profile and bio to your health club’s social media accounts. Get their name, face, and expertise onto your online platforms wherever you are.

Blog posts

Encourage your PTs to write guest blogs on your website for them to clearly display their education and specialties. Guest articles are a quick way to let your PT’s knowledge shine while also providing value for your members. Don’t forget to link to these articles from your social media sites and have your trainers do the same - more eyes on them are more eyes on your business!

Email campaigns

Set up email campaigns for both current and past members highlighting your personal training staff and their expertise. Quick email blasts might have a quote from one of your PTs sharing exercise or nutrition tips, a client before and after (with permission), or a client testimonial. Make the marketing process valuable for your members as well as beneficial for both the PT and your gym.

Personal Trainer Finder

Get your PTs noticed with a Personal Trainer Finder! A branded customized mobile app for your health club like Virtuagym has the ability to showcase your personal trainers’ unique profiles right from the home screen. Virtuagym’s Coach Finder is a great way to let your members easily click through and get to know your personal training staff and quickly get set up with PT sessions right within the app.

Reduce Marketing Costs

The best part about customized branded software like Virtuagym’s Fitness Coaching App is the ability to reduce costs on things like marketing and lead generation. By leveraging your own channels, taking advantage of your current members, and increasing the visibility and credibility of your current PTs you can both increase your client base while saving time and money on marketing.

The more clients your PTs have, the more money the business will make, and the better quality training they offer will serve to increase member retention, member satisfaction, and word-of-mouth referrals. A high-quality software like Virtuagym gives you all the tools you need to increase the visibility of your personal training staff and increase the number of clients in your health club.

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