Increase Member Retention with a Digital Engagement Solution

Mar 9, 2022 - 5 min read
How PRO+ can help boost member retention

As we round out a year since the world turned on its head, the light at the end of the tunnel is finally in view. Despite planning to (hopefully sooner rather than later) transition back to in-person exercise, we must reflect on how the shift towards virtual will affect the future of fitness in general.

For gym owners, how to hold onto their current members is a constant concern. “Will my members be engaged enough to renew their memberships?” “How will I attract new members?” These are just a few of the questions that keep club owners up at night.

This is why Virtuagym’s latest initiative is a real lifesaver. Let’s discuss how to enhance your business and prove your value proposition to your members. Why? Because the most important way to keep someone coming back is to keep them engaged.

What Is PRO+?

PRO+ (pronounced Pro Plus) is a turnkey digital engagement solution . Put simply, it is a way to offer your members a ton of virtual content to keep them engaged with your club and brand when they are unable to visit your physical location.

Within your Virtuagym subscription, PRO+ content is available to all PRO members and employees by default . You can also choose to promote members to a PRO+ membership as an optional upsell, which will, in turn, increase your revenue.

How PRO+ can grow member engagement

Are you interested? Read on to see what’s included in this unique solution and its true benefits!

What Is Included in PRO+?

PRO+, in no uncertain terms, is one of the most all-inclusive online content and engagement tools on the fitness market today. Think of an activity or workout that your members would love to use – it’s probably already included in PRO+.

From workouts to meditation, a spirited online community, and audio coaching – there are no limits to what this solution can do, and, not to mention, the added value it brings to your members and facility. Members can enjoy weekly updates on the latest health and fitness news, they can track their performance and nutrition, browse recipes, and read tips and tricks to meet their fitness goals. Real prizes are even rewarded for bi-weekly virtual fitness challenges!

The extensive components of PRO+ include:

  • 200+ pre-made virtual trainer workouts
  • 1,000+ licensed workout videos
  • Health and fitness challenges
  • Much, much more

Your members can easily livestream workouts or exercise alongside the in-app personal trainer. Use the app to monitor your members’ stressors and guide them with meditation, mindfulness, and wellness content – because healthy members are happy members who will keep coming back for more!

Since this is a turnkey solution, there is minimal effort needed on your part to get started. All virtual content, challenges, groups, and community elements are created, added, and handled by Virtuagym.

The Advantages of PRO+

If you – like so many other fitness businesses right now – have been on the market for a digital solution but you’re still not sold on the added value it will bring, let us look at the facts.

Besides adding value for your members, you can:

  • Boost revenue amid uncertainty
  • Increase member engagement
  • Save time for yourself

PRO+ is a complete online membership that you can offer to your members; it is also entirely powered and delivered ready-to-use by Virtuagym. Offer all your members a total fitness and wellness experience in the palm of their hands.

How Virtuagym Clients Are Using PRO+

The fitness industry took a few steady blows ranging from the pandemic to ongoing lockdowns and the loss of clients – you name it. Amid the turbulence, forced closures and limited operating hours caused many fitness businesses to quickly transition from in-person to online workouts.

To help manage this 180-degree shift in strategy, clubs are looking for ways to help them embrace flexibility – that is, options that allow them to offer online classes and/or provide their members with proper digital workouts.

This is exactly why we created PRO+.

One of our clients, The Training Club , faced lost client hours and a downturn in revenue due to the government-sanctioned shutdown of fitness facilities. They turned to Virtuagym and decided to provide all of their members with temporary access to PRO+ as a way to increase member engagement until the restrictions start easing off.

Later on, they plan to use PRO+ as an upsell tool – an extra service on top of a regular gym membership. Virtual workouts are becoming the mainstream and are likely to stick around even after the pandemic. People now crave flexibility and accessibility when it comes to their health – similar to how working from home is poised to be the new norm.

The Training Club felt inspired by the digital innovation of PRO+ and began creating their own content. The club creates workouts, recipes, and informative posts every week and shares them via social media and the community feature within their own custom branded app .

Take Your Business to the Next Level!

Perhaps you are now more convinced of the benefits of a digital membership solution for your gym than before. Digitizing is a huge step forward for your business, and PRO+ aims to make that leap slightly less daunting.

There is no time like the present to embark on the tech revolution that has entrenched itself deeply in our new way of life. Get started today and begin enhancing your digital offerings with Virtuagym.

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