How to Prepare your Gym for the September Peak

Jul 28, 2022 - 6 min read
How do you start preparing your gym for new members in september?

It’s time to get clients back to the gym, with summer vacation ending most people are beginning to realize that good food and drinks come at a cost. Many are returning to their pre-vacation fitness routine or looking for new ways to get back into shape and counteract the effects of summer vacation.

So what can you do to prepare to successfully entice and convert the prospects that will be looking for a gym to shed the summer-fun pounds? And maybe more importantly, how can you get your business ready to offer them the best possible customer experience in your gym this September peak?

Getting Ready with Your Marketing Strategy

First off, don’t wait. If you want clients to join your gym at the September peak, you need to fire up your marketing machine now.

Competition in September will be stiff: many gym-goers are free agents now. And they will be inundated with offers in September to restart their fitness journey. So you want to stay ahead of your competition - not only with a modern and complete fitness offering, seamless user experience, but you want your brand to be top of mind for your prospects.

When your prospective clients start thinking about joining a gym in a couple of weeks, yours should be the first place they think to check out. By showing them ads on social media or Google, sending emails, or even printing a flyer and putting it in their mailbox, you can prime your prospects to your brand. By the time your prospective clients are ready for the decision, they will already be familiar with your brand and offering. This will put you several steps ahead of the competition on the journey to conversion!

Essential marketing tools to get clients back into your gym

The possibilities when it comes to marketing are endless. From easy-to-use channels like Instagram all the way to optimizing your website with SEO techniques, there is something for everyone. But whichever tool you choose to utilize, make sure it’s the right one for reaching your target audience. Learn more about effective communication strategies for your gym !

Social media is an easy yet effective tool to only increase your online visibility, but also a great basis for building your online community . People are more likely to stick to a brand if they feel emotionally invested - for example, if their friends or family belong to the same community. Go to where your target audience is - Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. - and encourage people to share, download, and comment on your videos can increase engagement and get people talking!

Do you want to start building your online presence? Check out 7 Instagram hacks to boost your fitness account !

Are you looking to invest in quicker conversions? Google Ads is the way for you. Publishing Google Ads based on keywords and local search criteria (fitness studio near me, gym in X, etc.) can bring you customers who are more eager to buy because they are searching for their exact needs.

Pro Tip: Local SEO works wonders in gym and fitness studio niches. Since people search the facilities around them and optimizing your search engine results with local keywords, addresses, and working on Google Maps and Google My Business listings can boost your Google presence basically for free!

Click here for more tips on increasing your online visibility.

Finally, your current clients are your strongest (and cheapest!) marketing tool. Up to 92% of consumers say they trust word-of-mouth marketing , from, for example, their friends and family. So make your clients your ambassadors!

A referral program , or special trial membership for prospects introduced by current clients, is the most direct and sustainable route to take to new memberships.

Go Hybrid for the September Peak

We have all had the chance to get acquainted with the advantages of a hybrid fitness offering - mixing online, offline and outside workouts and classes have given clients more choice and flexibility. And this hybrid trend is far from over!

You want to be able to serve more clients in your gym. With a digital offering alongside your brick-and-mortar gym, you have an ongoing offer for your clients, no matter the circumstance.

Your clients don’t have to miss out on classes when the physical sessions are fully booked. Prepare your gym for the September Peak with the 5 Things Fitness Businesses Should Have Set Up Online in 2022.

A great way to make your offering hybrid is livestreaming classes through social media such a Facebook, Instagram, or even YouTube. This way you not only keep your clients engaged when are not, or can’t be at the gym. And you give them more value for their money!

Maybe a client is moving away but wants to continue their fitness journey with their personal trainer of choice. By going digital, it is easier than ever to adapt nutrition and workout plans for these unforeseen circumstances.

And the one trend you don’t want to miss out on? Outdoor fitness endures as the most popular option in gyms, studios, and personal trainers.

There’s an app for that

Engage your clients from one central hub, and offer them the most seamless customer experience. But how do you book classes, time slots, access video content, and getting in touch with your community? Your own app of course!

Your own branded mobile app is the ultimate tool for the modern fitness business to keep clients engaged and active. And it’s not as difficult to get one as it sounds, trust us.

Learn from Your Personal Training , who went on the journey to digitize their operations. With Virtuagym they launched the Your Wellbeing App, which supports PTs in running and managing their business by being more efficient and streamlined. This enables them to focus on what they do best - training clients!

A management system will save you time

Getting more clients into your digital gym or online classes means it is important to create a seamless user experience. For your clients, for your staff, and, well, for you! You don’t want to be stuck doing endless paperwork when you should be focussing on making sure your clients are getting the attention they need.

A gym management system will help you get your back end - so your administration, membership management , and scheduling -  automated and integrated. No more paperwork, lost post-its, or unclarity about missed payments or following up prospects. Digitizing the running of your business will enable you to spend time focussing on your growth and future-proofing your business. Do you want to learn more? Discover the 10 Advantages of Having a Gym Management System.

And it’s not just about making your back-end operation smoother. To get your gym ready for the September peak, you want to be able to easily convert your prospective clients. Lead Management software is essential to keep track of potential clients requesting information, trial lessons, referrals from clients.

As the competition for new clients will be fierce, you don’t want to miss opportunities by forgetting to call a prospect, or failing to follow up. All this is discussed in depth in Locating Prospective Clients Has Never Been Easier With Virtuagym’s Lead Management Software !

Do you feel like it’s a lot to take in? Don’t worry. Virtuagym can help you and your gym make the most of the September peak. Book your free demo with Virtuagym today, and discover how our software can help your business make the most of the coming months. Because it’s never too late (or too early!) to start with building a better business!

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