How to Generate More Leads for your Personal Training Business

By Simret Samra

Published 29 May 2019

You’re just a few strategies away from generating more personal training clients than ever before.

We’re about to show you how to generate fresh leads, convert them into paying customers and optimize your whole fitness business today.

Social Media

  • Facebook and Instagram are some of the most powerful tools in your kit when it comes to attracting new leads. Why? It’s where most of your potential members like to hang out. So, you need to be where they are! Start by identifying which platforms your members are most likely to use regularly – these might be Facebook or Instagram, or another platform entirely. The idea behind social media is to build brand awareness and engage your audience with content they actually want to see (read: don’t try and sell to them all the time). Once you’ve built a good following, you can start to trickle a few promotional and sales focussed posts into their feeds, as well as running Facebook or Instagram ads.

Video Content

  • Youtube is used by many for online coaching. You can sell your services and add some tips and tricks. It’s a large market and an even larger audience. If you create some really high-quality content, you even have the possibility to get some extra income. However, the time it takes to create and edit the videos will be quite consuming. So, only consider this if you have the resources.
  • Podcasts are the perfect media for your on-the-go clients as they can listen while they work out, when they drive to work, or when they’re cooking dinner. They can be created very easily and it’s great for brand awareness.

Written Content

  • With over 3.9 billion accounts, you can build a huge audience with e-mails! You can inform clients about up and coming competitions, your referral system, training plans, schedules, free health tips, and so on. Start by collecting addresses in person and then with an email signup form on your website. Make sure to keep emails consistent with the tone of voice, frequency and the template used. Include social media buttons at the footer of the email, and a call to action (CTA).

Simret Samra

Copywriter at Virtuagym. I am a former sports and finance Journalist, and a devout Liverpool FC fan. When I'm not in the office I enjoy exploring Amsterdam, my new home city!

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