How to boost your online revenue stream with PRO+

Jan 12, 2022 - 4 min read
Make the best of your digital membership offering with PRO+

At Virtuagym, we’ve devised a fool-proof formula that will keep your clients engaged and help you retain them long-term. As a plus, it will also draw in new clients, and drive an extra online revenue stream in the process. The future is hybrid – and we’re not just talking about cars. The hybrid business model is here to stay , so let’s grapple with it to avoid any feelings of being overwhelmed by this crossover of finance, tech, and training.

Introducing PRO+, a turnkey solution that will transform your fitness business in 2022. In this post, we’ll focus on revenue – one of the driving factors for… well, everything. You might have lost a lot of revenue over the course of the pandemic, be that due to membership freezes or cancellations, a drop in sales of your webshop, or a drop in revenue-driving personal training sessions.

With the right digital offering, and by combining your in-facility workouts with a quality, workout-at-home option, you can drive online revenue and cash in on the return to semi-normalcy. Here’s where PRO+ comes in

Why a hybrid fitness model is crucial for driving revenue

The not-so-secret secret of PRO+ is that unlike fitness subscriptions that your members might come across online, PRO+ combines both the experience of your gym, club, or studio with a full library of fitness and wellness resources. It is a complete, holistic experience to boost fitness memberships.

The digital side provides access to livestreaming video workouts , over 5,000 exercises with a virtual trainer, meditations, online coaching, and community challenges. Your members will also get access to a virtual community of gym-goers. On top of that,  you as the owner can provide the personal touch and the much-needed capability for real-life training.

Together,  this is a high-value package that will help you turn a profit.

This hybrid model is the future of the fitness industry and will be essential for driving revenue in the months to come. Not only will this act as a catalyst to boost fitness memberships, but it will also strengthen your business for the future. The philosophy behind PRO+ is that, when one door closes, another one opens – let that door be one that is corona-proof!

More about PRO+

Use PRO+ to add to your revenue

PRO+ can be used as a separate membership, charged alongside frozen memberships. Essentially, regular memberships and PRO+ memberships can occupy two separate revenue streams.

That means that if the virus continues to plague the industry, you’ll still have a reliable source of income to fall back on. Members will be able to access your digital offering at home, and then restart in-facility memberships whenever it is possible to do so – or do both at the same time, depending on regulations. This keeps members loyal to your business and is a long-term solution for revenue generation.

Make money by selling PRO+ as an add-on

PRO+ makes for an excellent addition to your memberships as an upgrade. You can make an additional profit on top of regular memberships. It’s a profitable upsell option that will keep both your bank account and your members’ workout regimes in check.

Are you a high-end gym? Include PRO+ to draw in new members

If you are operating a high-end or luxury gym where members pay higher fees, you may have been hit particularly hard by the pandemic. Many consumers have struggled financially during this crisis and may be looking for cheaper options when it comes to the gym they work out with.

In order to reduce the risk of members churning, and to increase the number of new members taking an interest in your club, you could consider incorporating PRO+ to boost fitness memberships.  By marketing the hybrid model as a luxury fitness commodity, you can drive revenue and come out of the current crisis financially better off.

Drive engagement without expending resources

The best thing about PRO+ is that it requires minimum effort because it is a turnkey solution. That means we provide all of the in-app resources for your members. Find everything ready-made, from workouts to tips, tricks, and recipe posts in the app’s community. Virtuagym ensures that your members stay engaged through an app completely custom branded to your gym, club, or studio.

What would usually be a full-time job for one member of staff (e.g., app-building, community engagement, workout production, and challenge-setting) is now performed by your software provider, saving you money on staff and time.

Keeping members engaged is crucial in the long-run. It brings more members to your club through word of mouth and ensures that the members you currently possess continue to support your business for years to come.

Ultimately, PRO+ is a quality resource and a great revenue-drive for your business. It can be used to turn a profit and help protect you from future downward spikes in revenue . For more information on how PRO+ can help your business earn more money, please check out our dedicated page.

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