How PRO+ Can Bridge the Gap Between At-Home and In-Facility Training

By Parisa Hashempour

Published 10 October 2020

PRO+ is online coaching made easy. It’s a turkey fitness software for gyms, health clubs, and fitness studios that allows you to combine in-facility training with digital on-demand workout videos and more – all managed by Virtuagym.

With PRO+, gyms can offer something during low-periods, and help members with implementing proper home workout solutions coupled with guidance to generate off and on-site revenue.

Earlier this year, we interviewed a large range of fitness entrepreneurs from all around the globe to find out how they are utilizing software to reach members and clients in isolation. Here’s what they found to be the most useful.

Home workouts and broadcasting group classes

Broadcasting all group classes is widely adopted among our customers . Most of them use Zoom and YouTube to broadcast their Yin and Meditation session in the morning to kickstart the day, or that 15-minute ab workout or their daily Zumba group class. All of them can be done in the comfort of their members’ own home  – with minimal equipment. You can create an extra ‘tile’ for your livestreams on your branded app homescreen within a few clicks, below an example of our German customer Grey Gym.

How do I start livestreaming?

The great thing about YouTube is that you can broadcast live and even stream this in the Virtuagym Community. One of our most frequently used features during the quarantine. Example: whereas Sébastien Chateau’s boxing club ‘Boxe and Change’ in France only used the membership management solution of Virtuagym before, he now started to keep his clients fit through livestream training classes in the app.

For him, Virtuagym is the opportunity to stay close to his members and interact on a more personal level. He’s by far not the only one in the non-fitness segment that started using our software in a more extensive way. We also have many examples of non-fitness studios (such as yoga and martial arts) who discovered new possibilities within our software to service their members from a distance.

  • Livestream your YouTube videos in Virtuagym 
  • Speaking of video, PRO+ members can also implement video training. This allows those members who want to train at their own time to choose from a large workout library. Dutch gym chain TrainMore was one of the first customers globally who activated video training withVirtuagym – as a response to the COVID-19 outbreak – to be able to offer online workouts to their members 24/7.

Challenges and community: The 10-Day Challenge

We’ve seen an increase of 400% more Virtuagym app users participating in challenges. Proving that it’s not only large gym chains that use creativity to get closer to their members during the quarantine. Actually, those of you with just a 1 location gym or studio and personal trainers have been especially ready to show their creativity and this has resulted in a huge increase in member engagement, even while at a distance.

A great example is US-based PT Studio The Training Room. They’ve created challenges such as their 10-in-10 Challenge. What is the 10-day challenge diet? The goal is to lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks. Each week they send out fitness, nutrition, and mental health challenges to participants in the Virtuagym Community. They’ve seen a wide adaptation of their challenges – and members even reached out saying they’re happy to continue to pay the full subscription fee.

To get started with Virtuagym’s PRO+, check out our dedicated page, and strengthen your fitness business for the upcoming year.

Parisa Hashempour


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