4 Holiday Marketing Strategies to Wow Your Customers This Season

Dec 18, 2020 - 5 min read
How to market during the holidays?

Ahh… the most wonderful time of the year! Even a global pandemic can’t dampen the spirit of (socially distanced) togetherness that the holiday season brings.

A year ago, we were having big family dinners, company parties that may have involved one or two wine-induced Christmas caroling, and – the best part – unwrapping those well-deserved presents.

Much like the Christmas spirit, nostalgia hangs heavy in the air this year. For those of us in the fitness industry, unique, creative, and heartfelt Christmas marketing campaign ideas may just be the fairy dust you’re looking for to make the holidays that much more magical.

4 Creative Holiday Marketing Strategies

We want you to celebrate the holidays with your employees and customers – both safely and by following government regulations. It’s time to put your egg-noggin to good use and think creatively about what you want to achieve through marketing during the holiday season.

Do you want to drive sales? Attract new members? Retain existing customers? Or perhaps, you simply want to spread some Christmas cheer. Try using some of these fun Christmas marketing tips to help you meet your goal – whatever it may be!

Play Around With Your Brand Image

The sky is really the limit here. The holiday season gives every organization – big or small, corporate or casual – the opportunity to be experimental with their brand image .

Create something that will pull your customers into the holiday spirit every time they engage with your brand.

You may have already seen some company logos changing for the occasion. Do the same! You do not need to change the entire logo – after all, that is your way of identifying yourself. It could be as simple as popping some snowflakes on your company logo or adding a playful Santa Claus hat – maybe even a little mistletoe.

It might seem trite, but the holiday season is especially forgiving of cheesiness in general!

Create a Very Merry Space for Your Employees

Whether you run a small studio or a large gym – and even if you just offer online classesdo not forget to deck the halls with boughs of holly. We’re talking Christmas trees, presents, stockings, candy cane – perhaps even a Nativity scene if you and your employees have a religious inclination.

The decor can be non-denominational and still pack a Christmassy punch! It doesn’t have cost a lot either, and bear in mind that this is something you can reuse every year.

Your employees can also wear their holiday spirit on their sleeves – or sweater**. Nothing quite puts a smile on everyone’s faces like an office ugly sweater competition!** Host a virtual party where employees can show off their truly hideous holiday knitwear and provide prizes for the most abominable costume.

Incorporate a Jingle or Greatest Holiday Hits Into Your Workouts

Here’s a quirky holiday marketing strategy: incorporate Christmas carols into your workouts. This will make your members feel more involved with the festive season. It can be as simple as playing some soft background music that fills the atmosphere with a holiday mood, or you could go the full hog and craft an entire Christmas workout routine!

If you’re especially creative, plan an energizing workout routine featuring the best and most popular Christmas songs. Might we suggest the classic All I Want For Christmas Is You featuring the exhilarating vocals of Mariah Carey? It’s sure to get a few fun-loving members into the mood.

Of course, this is dependant on you having a laid-back member base. It isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and understandably won’t work for all ages, types of facilities, or businesses – but, hey – we did say creative Christmas marketing campaign ideas after all!

Create an Advent Calendar of Christmas Workout Challenges – and Share It on Socials!

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… two hundred squats and a thousand steps to achieve!

Advent calendars are quintessentially festive. We’ve seen many well-known companies use the classic ‘countdown to Christmas’ to their own business advantage; such as tea companies having tea-bag advent calendars and makeup brands putting in mini versions of their products in place of chocolates.

As a fitness business, your product is mostly ephemeral. So, any health club or personal trainer could run an advent calendar challenge for little to no cost! You could pre-build a calendar containing a surprise workout routine of the day that members can pick from, or simply share a new one at the start of each day.

Here’s the best part: you can share this on social media and leverage it as a holiday marketing strategy. It’s a great way to show how involved you are with your community while socializing with prospective members.

Spread the Joy – Not the Virus!

When it comes to successful holiday marketing campaigns, the options are endless. From holiday merchandise to simple cards and even a little holiday discount, there are a ton of ways you can be the health and wellness Santa to your members and staff who could all do with a lifting of spirits this year.

It’s time to swap the company Christmas party for a Zoom sweater party. And while it is less than ideal, cultivating an atmosphere of festivity – while maintaining safety protocols – will show your members and employees that they are appreciated . And, in return, they might just help you weather this storm and step into the new year with a renewed sense of camaraderie.

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Neesha Kanaga

Neesha is a copywriter and wanderer who currently finds herself bound to the weather-challenged Netherlands due to the unforeseen circumstances of 2020.