Hold on to your best employees by helping them deal with uncertainty at work

Oct 14, 2020 - 5 min read
How do you deal with uncertainty at work

If we were ever living in uncertain times, it’s right now. With the recent pandemic, forced closures, and changes to the job market around the world, it’s no wonder that your employees are struggling with how to cope with change and uncertainty.

Your employees may be feeling isolated, especially if they are spending less time working with you and more working from home. Maybe your coaches don’t feel as though they can offer the best possible services to your members, or perhaps your admin staff no longer feel part of your team.

This article will unpack how to hold onto your best employees and help them to cope with uncertainty in the workplace. We’ll outline how to help your team feel heard, give them a voice, and encourage them to remain positive about the challenges and uncertainty that lies ahead.

In times of change, there is great space for innovation - by shifting the focus and implementing strategies that make your team members feel included, you won’t lose your favorite workers.

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What do you say to your team during a crisis?

Your workers might be less productive right now, and perhaps they feel less useful than usual. This can have a huge impact on job performance and motivation. It often results in people leaving your company when they are in fact a huge asset.

It’s important to let your employees know that you value them, and their work. Ensure that you communicate this with them regularly, praising their successes and highlighting their achievements. Spotlight employees that have had recent successes, and have responded well to the crisis.

If you radiate negativity, your team will pick up on that, so it’s important to remain positive when communicating with your employees.

Crucially, you have to figure out the best possible solutions for encouraging employees to remain motivated and engaged. Engaged employees that enjoy what they do and feel needed, are far less likely to leave.

How do you manage uncertainty in the workplace?

The following steps are the core solutions that will help you manage uncertainty in the workplace and retain your best employees.

1. Develop a corporate wellness plan

Your employees look after the health of others but how well are they looking after their own health? Make sure that your employees are in their best health by giving them the tools to relax, keep fit, and eat well.

Encourage your employees to participate in health and fitness challenges. You could even distribute fruit or healthy food bundles as a reward.

Crucially, software is a great way to deliver holistic wellness options that will help your employees maintain their health - and happiness. Virtuagym’s software can be utilized to offer your employees in-app challenges, bespoke workouts, and live streaming workout sessions, plus an in-app virtual trainer. On top of that, the app offers meditation and relaxation sessions via audio coaching.

You could also try organizing events offline. While this is tricky if you are in lockdown, you could attempt a socially distanced outing. Make this trip active and incorporate sports and some element of competition. If your employees have fun with your business, feel part of a team, and look forward to interacting with you and your company, they are far more likely to stick around long-term.

2. Give them a reason to feel proud of your company

Why are your employees working for you? Often it’s because their visions align with you and your brand. Consider the core values of your company and how you can communicate them.

If you are a company that prides itself on being a part of the local community, consider whether you can run a charity program and be there for your community during their time of need. Organizations such as Good Gym coordinate volunteer trips in their local communities as part of their workouts.

Give employees a reason to feel proud of your company both on and offline. Encourage them to participate in conversations about your company and the direction it is taking. You can ensure that they remain engaged with you and your company’s mission by getting them to participate in an online community. This means they are always within reach via their mobile phones.

With an app like Virtuagym, you can easily set up a community feature like this, complete with groups for specific challenges and projects.

3. Make sure your employees feel heard

Most importantly, you should ensure that your employees have a voice in your company. Invite them into the conversations surrounding big decisions and genuinely listen to what they have to say. You may be surprised where some of the best ideas for growth and development come from.

In order to work out the best way to give your employees a voice, you should survey them. Ask what they would like to see improved in your company and how they envisage it happening. Invite them into the big discussions and let them know how their thoughts and comments were received.

Crucially, you should develop a strong feedback loop, in which you are receiving feedback and comments from your team on a regular basis. This will ensure that everything gets picked up, and you don’t hear about their grievances too late.

Most importantly, you should understand that workplace wellness is going hybrid. If you want to introduce an effective employee wellness program that ensures you hold onto your employees long-term, you need to implement solution that combine both online and offline guidance. This is essential as we move towards a more digitized world.

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