Gyms Share How Virtuagym's Fitness Technology Helps Them Thrive

Jun 11, 2022 - 5 min read
How does fitness technology help trainers and clients?

Fitness technology is becoming more and more important to the industry. Rapid digitization has given way to a host of fitness technology trends - it’s hard to imagine running a fitness business without a gym booking app or maintaining an active online community. And there’s so much more! So how does technology actually help fitness businesses?

In this blog, we share how Virtuagym technology has helped certain fitness businesses thrive. We will look at their journeys through quarantine and since reopening. And, of course, how it can help your gym, studio, or as a Personal Trainer to get ready for a tech-driven future and growth!

DAG ÉÉN - Hyper-Personalization Through Fitness Technology

How does technology help fitness? In many ways - but the personal trainers at DAG ÉÉN make the absolute most of the digital tools at their disposal. Their unique and highly successful, yet completely remote, program utilizes Virtuagym’s app for nutrition, coaching, and fitness together with the NEO Health Watch and the NEO Health smart scales .

Specifically, technology helps the trainers securely gather data on their customer’s daily lives remotely. And so they can hyper-personalize the plans for their clients and give them the exact support they need. Ultimately, fitness technology helps their clients to stay accountable, as the trainers successfully lead them through a uniquely personalized 6-week program.

How successful? Let’s just say that since starting in October 2020, there has consistently been a waiting list for new clients.

“It is a daily ritual – every day we check the weight and measurement results, the number of steps taken, how they have slept and their nutrition according to the nutrition plan – it is a lot, but that is the secret to success: data is the means to achieve the goal.”

Patrick Janssen, Co-founder DAG ÉÉN

Your Personal Training - Offering an all-in-one solution for Personal Trainers

One of the United Kingdom’s most successful personal training management companies, Your Personal Training helps Personal Trainers reach their goals with a team of dedicated and skillful regional coaches. So they, of course, could not miss out on the fitness technology trend to help them hybridize their approach.

With Virtuagym’s fitness technology, Your Personal Training launched their ‘Your Wellbeing’ app. This is a unique fitness management app that can be personalized for each user - consolidating the aspects of three or four different fitness apps into one.

Your Wellbeing supports Personal Trainers in running and managing their business in a more efficient and streamlined way. And ultimately this enables them to focus on what they do best - training clients!

By embracing a hybrid approach, our Personal Trainers can give their clients direction and support based on their needs in a cost effective way, helping them to achieve more holistic all-body health”

Aaron McCulloch, Managing Director, Your Personal Training

040FIT - Engaging the Local Community Online and Offline

You would assume that with seven locations, it would be a real challenge to keep clients engaged through the lockdown - and beyond. So allow us to introduce 040FIT , known for the tight-knit fitness communities at each of their locations, who didn’t hesitate to jump on the hybrid fitness trend and move their community online.

Through their gym booking app they offered outdoor classes, slots for indoor work-outs, and livestreamed lessons for their remote customers. In the meantime, staff personal trainers have intensified their efforts with the coaching and nutrition apps too. And so they have made huge strides in personalizing workout schedules for clients at home and in-facility.

040FIT kept their online community engaged with challenges and prizes, but also organized social events such as hikes, which clients could enjoy while socially distancing.

And this all achieved great success. The combined effort of digital outreach to their online community through their app, and good old-fashioned phone calls from trainers to customers, resulted in an average of 1,500 class bookings a month in 2021.

Through the app we were able to coach our clients remotely and support them with nutrition advice, work-out schedules, outdoor training and a lively community! It’s an asset to every club."

Eric Thus, Manager Asten - 040FIT

Power40 - Enabling a Complete Health with Tech

How can you grow your fitness business in the middle of the pandemic and thrive? Power40 did it with the help of fitness technology: by providing their clients with additional value outside their brick-and-mortar gym.

Customer demands have changed, with people looking for fitness services that accommodate their schedules - not the other way around. If you ask this future-focused team, fitness technology and gym booking apps are the way forward. Above all, they will give the customer of tomorrow the flexibility they desire.

Accessibility for everyone is one of Power40’s core values. And with Virtuagym’s apps and content, their clients can access a full suite of health and wellness content. Whenever they want it, wherever they need it.

“About a month ago, we had a snowstorm that hit Memphis, and everything was knocked down for about a week, and people were not able to come to our studio. But, through Virtuagym, we were still able to provide them with workouts to do at home.

Wesley Ashcraft, the Director of Power40

As you have read, fitness technology helps gyms, studios, and personal trainers in a plethora of ways. Virtuagym’s all-in-one software solution supports your fitness business in all aspects - from scheduling, to payments and your own personalized fitness app.   It’s time to discover what we can do for you - so book your free demo today!

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