From Fitness to Wellness: How Gym Software Can Help Implement a Holistic Approach to Health

Jun 13, 2018 - 5 min read
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In the fitness and gym software industry I often see that a holistic approach to health falls by the wayside, in favour of a focus on implementing the latest exercise trends or weight loss concept. Whilst the effects of physical exercise on mental health are well documented, currently mindfulness and emotional wellbeing are mostly disregarded by our industry in favor of bench pressing and deadlifting. Rather than thinking of physical fitness and wellness as two separate entities, it’s time to view them as equals.

The Benefits of Holistic Health

Benefits of holistic health for the individual include reduced stress and anxiety, more energy, a healthy appetite and much more. But why does this concern your business? Good question.

In short, introducing holistic health practices can improve retention rates. Encouraging holistic health practices is encouraging investment in the whole wellbeing of an individual, and that can have a huge impact on the value members can get out of your club. It can help drive them to reach their goals and see real results, which in turn keeps them coming back through your door for more.

Apart from the fact that it helps members achieve their goals, nutrition plays a huge role in how we all feel and act as well. Therefore it’s great to see that more and more health clubs are taking an active approach to promoting nutrition best practices via their gym software. Food and our calorie intake isn’t something to just consider when we need to lose a kilo to fit into our swimming trunks in the summer. A diverse, healthy diet not only helps keep our bodies in the best shape, it also has a beneficial effect on mental health.

Therefore I believe that when you run a fitness business, promoting the importance of watching what we eat is an important part of the job.

If we try to include holistic health classes and workshops around yoga, meditation and mindfulness in our offering, while encouraging and nurturing positive food choices, your members will reap the rewards by feeling better, less stressed and well-rested. In return, your health club services will appeal to a broader audience that will stay loyal for longer. Moreover, offering additional holistic services via your gym’s software to compliment existing membership packages can increase and diversify your incoming revenue streams.

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How Technology and Gym Software Can Deliver a Holistic Approach to Health

Consumer technology has already embraced wellness, with a range of lifestyle products hitting the market from some of the biggest names in electronics.

An innovation that recently caught my eye is Samsung’s SmartHub 3.0, a ‘smart’ refrigerator that keeps track of expiry dates for what you have inside, offers healthy recipe advice and much more. Similarly, Nokia Sleep’s new wi-fi integrated mattress pad is redefining what it means to monitor your sleep. This piece of tech not only monitors sleep patterns, but can be integrated with digital thermostats, lighting and more.

These innovative steps towards promoting a holistic lifestyle are proof that technology can, and is, playing a vital role in making our daily lives healthier and happier. But what’s the best approach to take when it comes to implementing these ideas into your gym?

Technology has revolutionized the way fitness fanatics interact and engage with their gym. Gym software in the form of smartphone apps have become a common feature in the fitness industry, with clubs offering a companion app with their membership packages.

A nutrition and food intake tracker is an invaluable piece of kit when it comes to supporting a healthy lifestyle, especially for tech-minded young people. Whether it’s used as a weight loss tool, to plan pre-competition cutting or just out of interest, a nutrition planner is a product that can add incredible value to the lives of gym goers.

When it comes to confidence and the mental aspect of working out, an online community can be a vital source of making friends, finding inspiration, and getting the motivation someone needs to push themselves that extra mile. A mobile app, which allows you to offer your members virtual yoga exercises can help them discover the beneficial effect of this activity on their own, guided by a virtual trainer.

Additionally, mobile push notifications to take a meditation break or get up and move during working hours can improve wellness. Five minutes spent walking around the office, and not behind a desk, can have a huge impact on reducing the risk of work-related injuries like Repetitive Strain Injury and burnout. Regular breaks have also shown to improve work productivity, with time away from business matters giving the brain time to relax and recharge.


In today’s busy life, implementing a more holistic approach to health in your facility helps increase your members’ wellbeing. Mobile technology offers a scalable, affordable and effective solution to improving our industry’s approach to holistic health. By combining our passion for fitness with gym software that promotes a holistic approach to our overall wellbeing, we can provide a more complete and rewarding experience to each and every member that walks through a gym door.

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