Get a Grip of Your Time With the Appointment Schedule!

Dec 24, 2021 - 4 min read
Check out our newly updated appointment schedule!

Save a tonne of time with our newly updated appointment schedule software.

Manually processing appointments is an inefficient way of spending time that you could be using to work on your brand, business, and clients. In addition, getting multiple texts, emails, and other messages can be hard to keep track of. It’s easy to miss something or double book a 1-on-1 training session.

Luckily for you, we updated our appointment schedule so you can spend more time on the most important tasks, such as hosting classes and keeping your clients happy.

Fill in Your Own Time

Our brand new design ensures that you can maximise efficiency with ease. You don’t have to put everything in manually any longer.

Instead, let clients book a spot on your agenda. This will help you avoid making double appointments and getting lost in all the messages you usually get.

For example, what if a client wants to make an appointment with you in three weeks? No problem! You can easily schedule ahead of time. Make your gym fun and welcoming to all without the manual hassle, just like Halima and Valeria from FemmeGym did!

“Virtuagym’s online signup helped us grow by 80%.”

Halima Hollenberg, Co-founder FemmeGym.

Of course, you also have a life outside of work - getting a haircut, celebrating a birthday, etc. That is why you can manage your availability and block time periods in the newly updated appointment schedule. Party time!

In case you work with other trainers, you can easily keep track of their agendas too. This ensures that your clients always have a trainer to go to!

With our constantly updated schedule, you can see the weekly activities, set and publish availability, and let clients choose their favorite timing. Besides that, you can easily use a laptop, tablet, or Smartphone to make appointments and update your schedule. Fast handling with almost no effort!

Ready, Set, Go!

Are you interested in the new appointment schedule, and do you want to know how to get ready to use it? Well, you’re in the right place!

First, you will need to log in to your portal and go to the system settings. There you can activate the appointment schedule. Afterwards, you can find it in the sidebar. We don’t want to make it too hard for you!

You will need to do four small things to get started:

  • create activities
  • categorize your services if you have multiple
  • select staff (or yourself for that matter)
  • choose the kind of notifications you want to receive and send to your clients.

That’s all - now you can begin scheduling!

Start on the schedule overview, where you will see the booked and deleted events. If you are ready to add your availability, go ahead and click on the manage resources tab. Here you can manage both you and your staff’s availability. Go get that haircut and block the time you need!

Do you want to book a client in by yourself? Awesome! Go to the “Book a client” tab, select the category, activity, and time. Then, all that is left is to confirm, and it’ll be in your schedule.

If you are in a studio or gym with multiple trainers, you can also manage privileges. A club manager, for example, can edit the system settings; a scheduling employee can change the staff’s availability and all the other employees can book clients in.

Working from a Smartphone?

Check this guide!

Less Administration, More Free Time

We want you to profit from our work, so let’s see what you win from this update.

  • Spend less time on administrative tasks and focus on what is more important - training your clients!
  • Get a better overview of your week with more time to plan.
  • Experience new updates, it’ll make your life easier!

Ultimately, in addition to these benefits , you will be able to de-stress and focus on what you love instead of all of that administration!

Do you want to get a grip on your time, manage your business better, and be more flexible? Then, get started with the appointment schedule today! Contact our support team to find out more about this feature.

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Rosanne Bussing

Product marketing intern at Virtuagym.