Custom Goal: the new Home Work-Outs

By Parisa Hashempour

Published 23 March 2020

To motivate your members to stay active and engaged from home, you can add custom workouts with minimum equipment or using home surroundings. By adding “Home Work-Outs” as a custom goal, you can easily attach these workouts to this specific goal, enabling your members and coaches to find this within the workout overview.

How to set this up:

In order to set this new custom goal, you will need to add the goal first, and then add the new workout within that goal.

Adding the custom goal:

    • Navigate to your portal, and to “System Settings,” and click “Client Goals
      You can choose to do this from Superclub or Subclub level.
    • Add a new goal, or replace an existing one (you can have a maximum of 7 goals) with for example, “Home Work-Outs”
    • By dragging this goal to the top of the list, it will be the default and preferred goal, ensuring connected workouts display first in the app. Press “Save.”

  •  When changing this on Superclub level, you can now push the goal update to all subclubs by pressing “Update Goals also for Sub-Portals.”

Adding new workouts to the custom goal:

    • Navigate to the “Workouts” module in the portal.
    • Select “New Workout Plan” in the top right corner, and attach “Home Work-Outs” as a goal.
      •  Top tip: There’s plenty of exercises in the database that are optimized for home use: use filters within the equipment section such as “No Equipment” or “cardio” or use search terms such as “table,” “chair,” and “wall” to quickly find these.
      • Top tip: When creating a circuit, you can link all exercises, to create a “round” of all exercises.

  • Save the workout as a “Club Plan.”
  • The workout is now live in the app, and will show in the category “Home Work-Outs.”

Parisa Hashempour

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