COVID Pass Integration: New Club Access System for the COVID Vaccination Certificate

Dec 6, 2021 - 4 min read
Check the COVID status of your clients in one scan

With the increase in infection rates, access rules may strengthen, which means a COVID vaccination certificate might be needed and a new club access system has to be set in place. Entrepreneurs will have to abide by these rules and observe them in their club or gym.

In some Australian provinces and Canadian cities, it is already obligatory to show a form of a COVID vaccination certificate to enter gyms. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the US already approves the European Union Digital COVID Certificate and the United Kingdom National Health Service COVID Pass. If such measures become necessary in more and more countries, it might also affect your gym or studio.

This might be in the form of the yellow card, a different kind of proof on paper, or maybe even a digital QR code.

In the case of needing a QR code, we already have a club access system for you, so your gym or studio can stay accessible to your clients.

If the rules strengthen and they require some form of check-in, we have a solution that we hope will help you abide by them. At Virtuagym, we created a free option to add to the standard check-in feature of the MANAGE package. With the COVID Pass Integration , your clients can enter your gym each time they go with just one scan. This will save you time so you can focus on engaging with clients.

The integration is not only a time-saving tool for you as a business owner, but we also hope that it will make it easier for your clients to continue to exercise at your gym or studio so you won’t lose any business.

The COVID Pass Integration: Enter the Gym Safely and Quickly

With Virtuagym’s new integration, your clients will be able to enter with one scan using a QR code. Your clients would normally scan their membership card or code to enter. They now only scan the QR code from their digital COVID vaccination certificate, with the COVID Pass Integration checking the membership information simultaneously and matching the data from both.

This is how it works:

  • Your client scans the QR code;
  • The COVID Pass Integration reads the code;.
  • The COVID Pass Integration matches the information with the membership information from your system;
  • Therefore, with one scan, both the digital COVID vaccination certificate and the membership are verified;
  • The access data is logged, but Virtuagym never stores the data!

Start With the COVID Pass Integration Now

Virtuagym’s club access system for the COVID vaccination certificate is part of the check-in function from the MANAGE package.

This means that after the feature is turned on, the regular check-in system will no longer work. So it’s essential that you inform your customers about the new measures and how you are handling them so they don’t get any surprises.

Communicate timely and directly with your customers about the new check-in system. This can be done via email or via the community feature in your Custom Mobile App or by hanging an explanation at the entrance and instructing your team on how the new system works and how they can help customers. Good and clear communication will make it easier for you, your team, and your customers to deal with the possible new measures. For example, read more of our tips on effective communication here .

Depending on where you are located, local measures may be enforced to get or keep COVID infections under control. An example of what you could say is:

Dear client, as we are updating our check-in system, at some point today you will need to check in with your Digital COVID Certificate. This is so we can validate your COVID status and membership in one scan.

If you would like to use the COVID Pass Integration to help you, it is entirely free of charge.

Are you interested in the COVID Pass Integration, and do you want to start using it in your club? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your Virtuagym Account Manager or our Client Success team; who can provide you with more information and turn on the feature for you. You will receive an email as soon as the integration is live.

Handling Privacy

With this integration, the protection of medical data plays a significant role. This is why, at Virtuagym, we protect your privacy by never saving any of the medical data from a COVID Pass. As always in the check-in system, we do store that a specific member has accessed the facility.

Are you interested in the Virtuagym COVID Pass Integration?  Contact our Client Success team to turn the feature on. They’re always happy to help!

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Rosanne Bussing

Product marketing intern at Virtuagym.