Five Clients Share How Virtuagym Software Helped During the Pandemic

Feb 1, 2021 - 7 min read
How a gym software can help during COVID-19

Discover the human stories behind our software solutions for your gym, studio, or personal training business. From luxury health clubs to community-focused neighborhood gyms, peek behind the scenes of how five different fitness companies used Virtuagym’s gym software solutions to overcome an entrepreneurial challenge.

Our savvy clients utilized our products to thwart the uncertainty of lockdowns, loss of members, and curfews. Here’s how they did it.

YMCA Central Massachusetts Championed Community Outreach Via the App

How YMCA used gym software management

A veritable pillar of the community, YMCA Central Massachusetts (also known as the Y) took control of the circumstances caused by the coronavirus by building a robust digital strategy. At the center of it all was the Virtuagym app.

This 21,000-strong fitness chain was founded in 1864 to serve community needs in regards to fitness. Up to this point, the Y had been managing bookings, scheduling, and entrants manually. It used to only track personal training on paper, and arduous administrative tasks were all managed by staff. It worked; until the pandemic struck.

Quick thinking allowed the facility to develop a powerful mobile strategy in a short span of time. They decided to use the Virtuagym gym management software to manage reservations and properly communicate with their members via a customer-facing app.

“We use the schedule, and it’s been a total game-changer for us! We can track who is coming and going. Members feel comfortable knowing they will have a slot, and it won’t be overcrowded.”

Karin Z. Anderson - Senior Program Director YMCA Massachusetts

The app allowed the Y to continue doing its good work for the Central Massachusetts community. From access control systems that limit entrants and maintain social distancing to empowering clients to book from their phones – everything here is about being accessible. The Virtuagym-powered app was designed to be geared towards members, with exercise guidance, an online community, and access control integration made available for all members of the Y.

Holmes Place Built a High-Quality Digital Workout Environment to Match Their Luxury Offering

How Holmes Place used Virtuagym software

Holmes Place is an upscale health facility focused on serving its members with the best fitness experience possible. Their gym is visited by some 100,000 members across eight European countries.

Maintaining the high level of service expected by guests and consistency in quality was key during Holmes Places’ digital transformation . While this had already been set into motion even before the pandemic happened, the coronavirus was nevertheless a catalyst for Holmes Place to offer a high-end alternative workout experience for its valued community members.

The real question was, how could they continue to support members at home at the quality they’re used to? And, how could they do this as soon as possible?

What would have taken months to mobilize across 36 clubs in Iberia was done quickly and effectively thanks to a swift collaboration with Virtuagym. Holmes Place was drawn to Virtuagym’s gym software that enabled the club to keep in touch with members and provide them with on-brand fitness content even from afar.

“Virtuagym had expertise and experience that should help us in our quest for a quality product for our members." Larissa Araújo

- Deputy CEO Holmes Place Spain

From providing a library full of in-house online classes, workout plans, and community support, Holmes Place met its members’ needs from one centralized platform. Plus, a dedicated Holmes Place app on members’ phones helped the club with engagement and retention.

The best part? It was all delivered in classic Holmes Place style: slick, swanky, and sporty. All in all, it was a relatively indulgent way to make the best out of the situation.

Raintree Athletic Club Grew Their Vision of Accessible Health for Everyone

The gym software management RAC used

Colorado-based Raintree Athletic Club is a unique, community-focused health club that’s rooted in its driving purpose: to inspire growth and impact lives. This 12-year old club aims to make accessible a ‘lifetime of fitness’ for members regardless of age or fitness level.

Raintree’s success stemmed from an acute understanding of its members and the wider community. From serious training sessions or just leisurely stretching, the club’s services aimed to cover all bases.

This foresight is also why Raintree began using Virtuagym around a year ago – but they only recently embarked on a massive rebranding and relaunching of their digital services. During the pandemic, Raintree saw the app as a way to reach beyond the brick-and-mortar limitations that most gyms are confined to.

“Brick and mortar will continue to exist because the feeling of community is stronger in real life. However, fitness is going to reach deeper than it ever has before because fitness is so accessible now.” - Martin Johns, General Manager of Raintree Athletic Club

Raintree’s desire to digitize, coupled with Virtuagym’s gym management software at the helm, allowed the club to quickly pivot its business model and adapt to technological change in no time. Their solution was a member-facing app purpose-built to host the club’s best offerings: virtual training, in-facility scheduling, and the crowd favorite community feature.

By understanding the Raintree’s key needs – such as member engagement, potential for scalability, and variety to meet the needs of different demographics – Virtuagym and Raintree Athletic Club were able to pull a fast one on lockdowns. This ensured the club’s best chance for growth, retention, and achieving its purpose.

Veluwe Fit Uses Schedules to Host Corona-Proof ‘Group’ Classes

Veluwe Fit used gym software during corona

At Netherlands-based personal training studio Veluwe Fit , group lessons and community are central tenets of the club’s philosophy. You could have all the motivation in the world – but if you aren’t enjoying your workouts, it’s just not going to stick.

Group lessons are now banned in the Netherlands due to COVID-19, which begs the question, which was a rather harsh blow for a club that relies heavily on communal bonding through group training. This begs the question, how can you offer your members a sense of community and the coaching they need? And, how can you do so safely?

To tackle these questions, Veluwe Fit went the creative route! They used the Virtuagym scheduling function to create heaps of five-minute group lessons with a maximum of two attendees. Here’s the fun bit: it’s not exactly a five-minute lesson, but rather a starting time for their circuit training!

“The many possibilities for personalization make this especially fun- you can choose from exercises and different intensities. Or you can offer longer rest periods for beginners. This way two friends at different fitness levels can still do the workout together.”

- Pim Plaggenborg, Personal Trainer and Founder of Veluwe Fit

The principle is the same as a flight in golf tournaments; every ten minutes, a new pair starts the circuit. Participants use their phones to scan the QR-code at each stop of the circuit to read the exercise instruction and carry it out. Simple, safe, and fun.

The Training Club Keeps Members Engaged With PRO+

Overcoming the pandemic with software solutions

To increase member engagement during the ongoing lockdown, a humble Dutch gym has been setting new milestones. The Training Club has given all its members temporary access to PRO+ . To put it succinctly, PRO+ is a complete online membership that gyms can sell to clients, and it’s completely powered and delivered ready-to-use by Virtuagym.

The Training Club was grappling with lost client hours and a downturn in revenue – like most gyms during the pandemic. With PRO+, they could offer all their members a complete fitness and wellness experience with ready-made workouts for at home, meditations, bi-weekly challenges, and an active online community.

In the future, The Training Club wants to use PRO+ as an upsell tool; that is, as an extra service and workout content on top of members’ regular gym memberships. This allows them to cater to the gym-goer of today who is used to flexible workout options.

In addition to trailblazing digital adoption within the gym community, PRO+ has inspired The Training Club to create their own content. Each week, the club shares workouts, recipes, and informative posts via social media to keep members engaged with the help of their very own custom-branded app.

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