Class scheduling software takes your gym to the next level

By Christian Frank

Published 11 June 2019

Scheduling is an essential factor to master if you want to run a successful gym.

While some classes are overcrowded, others may have low attendance. While some trainers’ schedules are bursting at the seams, others are less busy. If you take a closer look at your gym, you will surely find things that you can optimize around the scheduling process.

In this guide, you’ll learn how class scheduling software can take your gym to the next level.

1. Members will always see what is available

Who hasn’t experienced availability issues at the gym? You arrive motivated and the class you want to attend is either fully booked or cancelled. This is a disappointment you could prevent with scheduling.

Class scheduling software enables you and your members more flexibility and better transparency in scheduling. For example, by publishing class schedules on your website, your members are able to view the latest classes and changes at any time, meaning overcrowded and cancelled classes become a thing of the past.

Another opportunity is offered by a customized mobile app. It allows your members to check the availability of classes on their smartphone and to sign up for them. You can also easily promote new and attractive offers and classes to keep your customers loyal to your gym.

2. You save time, money and stress

You’ve probably always printed out your class schedules and placed it around your gyms. However, if a trainer becomes unavailable and there is a need to make changes to the schedule, you will need to manually change all the schedules, reprint them, and hang them on the walls of your gyms. This not only costs you time and money but also a lot of unnecessary stress.

With a customized mobile app, your members will automatically receive notifications about changes in your class schedule on their smartphones and via email.

If you’ve got some screen installed at your gyms, it’s a good place to stream your class schedules. This allows you to make changes to class schedules with the click of a button. You’ll be surprised how much paper and printer cartridges you can save this way!

3. Useful insights for your business

To take your gym to the next level, you first need to learn which processes can be optimized. So, how can you find out what’s going well in your company and what’s not?

Class scheduling software can help you to get useful insights for your business. With tools like attendance tracking, you will always have a clear overview of your members and how many are currently at your gym. You’ll also get a better overview of how busy your classes and trainers are. The software will also show you which classes are the most popular and which are not so popular among your members.

Once you find out which members are attending which classes, you can use that data to help you plan future classes. For example, if the Wednesday evening classes are not well attended, you can move more popular classes and trainers to that evening and see if this has a more positive effect.

4. Class scheduling software impresses

As the owner of a gym, you should always be one step ahead of your competitors and stand out from the crowd. There are several ways to impress your current members and potential customers.

Flawless online scheduling shows that you have your business under control and that members can rely on your scheduling.

If you succeed in integrating a customized mobile app, then you have officially arrived in the 21st century. Your members will also appreciate this.  You can create your own community where you and your members can communicate with each other. You can also set challenges and rewards to motivate them to continue achieving their goals in your gym.


By optimizing the flexibility and transparency of your scheduling processes, you will give your members the opportunity to book themselves into classes. You will save money, time and stress by sharing your class schedules online, and with just one click you can keep them updated on class availability.  Take your gym to the next level and show your members that you know how to get them passionate about fitness every day with your class scheduling software.

Christian Frank

German Localization Marketeer at Virtuagym. Creativity plays an important role in my life. Besides a strong affinity for fitness & lifestyle, my other passion is music.

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