Boost your Studio's Occupancy Rate in the Post-COVID Era

May 16, 2021 - 4 min read
How Virtuagym is getting you ready for post-COVID

It may still seem far away, but the industries are slowly but surely preparing to reopen. Studio owners and their members are eager to set foot inside their favorite studios again. But, how can studio owners safely manage fitness centers reopening?

Post-COVID gym-goers will value hygiene and personal space more than ever. This is exactly why Virtuagym has a check-in and scheduling solution. A combination of these two functions prevents queues and speeds up the whole check-in process. Curious as to how these features can benefit you? Read on!

What Do the Check-In and Scheduling Features Entail?

The scheduling feature automates the booking process and allows members to easily book personal training sessions and group classes. You can set it up easily on your website or your custom mobile app . After signing up for a session, members will receive an automatic booking confirmation and reminder.

The class schedule can be embedded on your website, so members are aware of what classes are currently going on. Is the class fully booked? No problem. Your members can sign up for a waiting list with one click and they’ll be notified as soon as a spot opens up. They’ll be happy that they can exercise, and you’ll be happy that the class is fully booked - it’s a win-win situation.

How a class schedule makes your studio more successful

Members can buy credits and use them to sign up for classes and other services you may offer. Credits are tokens that members can purchase and use in exchange for group classes, personal training sessions, as entry permits, and much more.

The credit system ensures that members only pay for what they use. The scheduling feature also provides useful insights into attendance and class occupancy, which you can use to adjust your class offerings accordingly.

The check-in feature allows your members to easily check-in and check-out via RFID , barcode scanners, or magnetic strips. Members also have the possibility to check-in with their studio card or key tag. This gives you insights into the frequency of their visits, duration, and much more. It is even possible to link credit usage to the check-in function and create one unified system your members will appreciate.

How Do the Check-In and Scheduling Features Work?

Virtuagym strives to make all its features as user-friendly as possible, including the check-in and scheduling functions.

As previously mentioned, your studio members can easily book their classes through your website or custom mobile app . Do you prefer to be in control of bookings? We’ve made it possible to book a member into a session yourself – flexibility is key here!

Would you like to use contactless check-in and check-out? This can be easily implemented in the app – just make sure your studio’s turnstile is placed in a good location to avoid bottlenecks and crowds.

The check-in feature has been a total game changer for members because now they can do everything from the palm of their hands – no clunky wallets full of cards, no queues.

The Benefits of These Combined Features

The check-in and scheduling features are advantageous to your gym members as well as for you running a studio because they ease the flow of traffic as well as processes in your facility.

By combining these two features, you will benefit from:

  • Simplified check-in and check-out
  • Reduced queues
  • Time saved
  • Better insight into peak and off-peak hours
  • Easier attendance tracking

How Virtuagym Clients Use These Features

The check-in feature can be used with the current COVID restrictions since it allows you to keep track of attendance and ensure safety measures are complied with. Virtuagym clients are getting increasingly creative in using these two features lately as technology becomes further imbued in daily processes.

One of our clients, the corporate fitness center and chain Energy Fitness Professionals , was interested in the gym of the future even before the pandemic and therefore chose to partner with Virtuagym.

Among other features, they use our booking, scheduling, and access control systems to limit the number of members present at any given time to remain in full compliance with government restrictions. As a result, they noticed an increase in member satisfaction and even saved themselves time while digitizing.

Prepare for the Post-COVID Era

You probably can’t wait for members to walk through your doors again – and neither can we! But, of course, we all want to reopen in a safe, responsible, and fun way.

Let us help you get started today and prepare for a new era in fitness!

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