What is nutrition coaching software and why do I need it?

By aldolopez

Published 27 January 2020

Creating exclusive and personalized diet plans manually can be a very tedious and stressful job. Since every client’s body is different and fitness goals vary all over the world, the same nutrition plans can’t be applied to different clients. Luckily for you, we have just the solution, in the form of fitness technology. Fitness technology can help you make your clients happier and more satisfied with their bodies, as well as coach them to reach their goals. That speaks for nutrition software too.

So, why is nutrition software so important in a personal trainer’s life? Generally, investing in nutrition software has many benefits. Specialized nutrition planning programs can be used to create bespoke plans for each one of your clients. For many personal trainers all around the world, nutrition planning/coaching software is essentially the key to dealing with most responsibilities that they have.

Nutrition coaching software is a daily must-have for personal trainers wanting to boost and improve their business because:

  • It’s cost-effective
  • It works for everyone
  • It’s easy to use

It’s a cost-effective solution to deal with daily responsibilities as a personal trainer

The lifestyle of a personal trainer can be extremely rewarding. But that’s not to say that it doesn’t take its toll. Having nutrition software to assist you can prove to be a huge relief. Nutrition coaching software can be a cost-effective and time-efficient option that allows you to focus on your core fitness and business activities, while the app takes care of your clients.

Nutrition app on phone - Virtuagym

Creating and assigning custom meal plans for individual clients requires a heap of your time and energy – time and energy that could be spent bettering any other aspects of your business, such as improving customer retention or finding ways to increase your revenue. Nutrition coaching software takes the burden of generating meal plans for your clients off your back and allows for bespoke customization of the diet plans, all from within the software.

Creating a personalized meal plan doesn’t have to be difficult and time-consuming. With Virtuagym’s nutrition coaching software, you can access a database with over 100,000+ products.

It offers fitness and diet plans, improves nutritional habits and is inclusive of every body type!

No matter what your client’s fitness goals are, nutrition coaching software can help. Taking into account body compositions, lifestyles, and fitness goals, nutrition coaching software allows your clients to produce or customize dietary plans according to their goals. It helps your clients on their fitness journey and it can boost both client acquisition and client retention.

The popularity of health and fitness is growing every year and has most recently been estimated to be a $100 billion global industry. This means more clients – but it also means more competition. To distinguish yourself from other trainers working in your local area, you should be offering clients the full package – that means weight loss or muscle building programs that include meal planning and nutritional advice. Usually, personal trainer software offers benefits including nutritional coaching, training plans, and management of administrative tasks.

Combining your fitness services with dietary and nutritional services makes a lot of sense. From a client’s perspective, the two often go hand in hand. Other than the time and money-saving perks for you, it benefits your clients as well. They will achieve better results in less time as combining both nutrition and exercise is the most effective way to reduce body weight. Your services will be more convenient (and more sought after) if they can help a client keep their fitness and diet in check, side by side!

It is convenient to use with the help of apps and tracking using food diaries

Encouraging your client to keep a handwritten food diary can be tricky. Who carries around a notebook and pen these days? They could keep track of their notes on their phone. But then they will have to look up the calorie content, micros and macros of each product individually. Plus, for this to work they’ll need to be motivated to do the math on their own.

A nutrition app offers a much simpler solution. It can be accessed via mobile phone anytime, anywhere. Nutrition coaching software such as Virtuagym offers you the opportunity to have your very own branded app along with coaching software. This is perfect for personal trainers who sell meal plans or nutrition programs along with fitness programs. Clients can choose to follow the diet given to them by you and they have the luxury of editing it themselves (with some nutritional guidance of course).

Food diaries with meals and items are logged in and your client can automatically figure out the healthiness of their meal. With such a simple module and layout, even your most technophobic clients will find it easy to track their eating. This will take a vast amount of the work off your back so that you can focus on bettering your business.


Investing in nutrition coaching software is bound to bring exponential growth, increase customer retention, and bring new clients to your business. Personal trainers don’t realize how much of their work can be automated and handled by software. If you’re looking to generate new streams of revenue and need to invest your time and energy, nutrition coaching software is the way to go.


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