Best VG Fitness Studio Engagement Features To Keep Your Clients Engaged

Jan 17, 2024 - 10 min read
A group of happy fitness class participants posing together in a gym. (Fitness Studio Engagement Features)

One big problem fitness studios face is keeping clients engaged in the long run. What helps one client stay engaged might not work for another. Some clients need more attention than others.

A report by McKinsey says fitness businesses that offer personal training and other wellness services could grow by 5-10% each year.

This can be a motivating factor for fitness entrepreneurs to focus on growing their business.

But there’s a catch. Research shows that 63% of people who sign up for a gym membership don’t use it, and half of the new members quit within six months.

This means you need to have good plans to keep members interested. When you get a new client, you want to make sure they keep coming back for a long time.

In this article, we’ll explore innovative fitness studio engagement features from Virtuagym that you can use for maintaining and enhancing member involvement in your fitness studio.

Membership Management Software

A client management profile page detailing memberships, credits, and personal training sessions.

The membership management tool makes it easier to handle memberships and also makes things better for clients.

It offers simple ways to sign up, renew, and pay, so clients don’t have to worry about lots of paperwork.

Using digital contracts and online payments means clients can easily keep up with their gym memberships.

This makes clients happier and more likely to stay in the gym for a long time.

Digital Coaching Solution

A workout editor interface with options to create a workout, set difficulty, and add activities like squats and running.

Virtuagym’s workout plan creator lets trainers make workout and nutrition plans that are just right for each client.

This helps clients feel more involved because the plans are made for their own fitness goals and what they need to eat. Being able to track progress is important too.

It keeps clients interested and wanting to do more because they can see how much better they are getting over time.

Scheduling Software

A calendar view of a scheduling software interface with appointments and personal training sessions.

This scheduling software makes it easy to book and manage fitness classes, which helps keep clients really interested.

Clients can quickly look at class times, book a spot, or change their booking if they need to.

This makes it easier for them to come to classes more often, which means they get more involved with the fitness studio.

Business Growth Tool

A business analytics dashboard displaying revenue, client activity, and membership data in graph and chart formats.

With the help of the business analytics tool, you can analyze your client’s behavior using the power of AI.

You can see which classes are performing well and which are not, based on this you can make informed decisions on the adjustments you need to make to maximize your sales.

Client Engagement Tool

A user engagement dashboard showing risk levels and client activity status in a fitness management software.

With this data-driven engagement tool, you can use it to find out the details of client behavior that will help reduce your churn rate plus it will assist you in organizing group workouts, fitness challenges, and creating leaderboards.

Groups: When clients join fitness groups at the gym, they meet others who want to achieve similar things. This makes them feel like they’re part of a team, which can really help them stay motivated and stick to their goals.

Challenges: Setting up fun challenges in the gym can push clients to try harder. Being part of these challenges often makes them more active and gets them to come to the gym more regularly.

Leaderboards: Having a leaderboard adds a bit of friendly competition. Clients get motivated to do better so they can move up in the rankings. This keeps them coming to the gym more and working towards their own fitness goals.

Custom Mobile App

A settings panel for a mobile app design with customization options for your business logo, app icons for iOS and Android, brand color schemes, and the home screen layout.

A customized app for your fitness studio is like a direct line to your clients. It’s a place where they can find workout plans that are made just for them, which helps a lot in making their workouts effective.

The app also shows the schedule for classes, so clients can easily plan when to come in.

Plus, it tracks their fitness progress, like how much they’ve lifted or how far they’ve run, which is really motivating. The app does more than that, too.

It sends reminders about when their next class is, tells them about new challenges at the gym, or gives helpful fitness tips.

This keeps your studio in their minds all the time, making it a big part of their daily fitness routine.

On-Demand Fitness Video Platform

A video editing interface for a "Glutes & Core" fitness program with options for category, difficulty, and equipment.

This video platform lets you make and share your personalized video content with clients. Plus it already has many fitness classes available ranging from cardio and core workouts to dance, yoga, boxing cardio, etc.

This is great for clients who have a packed schedule or those who prefer working out in the comfort of their homes.

You can use it to add variety to what you offer. For example, you can include Tabata or Zumba workouts to cater to a more niche audience.

This diversity in your offerings keeps your clients interested and excited about trying new workouts through your video platform.

PRO+ Package

Mobile app screens featuring a personal profile congratulation, a running challenge leaderboard, and workout videos.

The PRO+ add-on is a mix of in-gym and online workout options. It’s designed for clients who like the experience of working out at the gym but also enjoy the convenience of online resources.

PRO+ provides access to live video workouts, a library of over 5,000 exercises with virtual trainers, meditation sessions, online coaching, and community challenges.

Basically, PRO+ does the heavy lifting for you. Things like making an app, keeping the online community active, creating workout programs, and setting up challenges are all done by the software.

This means you save money and time that you’d normally spend on staff for these tasks.

Fitness Studio Software

A promotional image for fitness studio software with a call to action, testimonials, and a featured bootcamp session.

If you want all of the above features in one place then Virtuagym’s fitness studio software is the one-stop shop that you need. Here are some of the key features that it offers:

  • Lead Management: Efficiently track and nurture potential gym members from their first inquiry. This tool helps you understand and cater to the unique needs of each prospect, turning them into loyal members.
  • Webshop: Elevate the convenience for your gym members by offering an online platform where they can purchase memberships, book classes, or buy fitness merchandise. This digital storefront is not just a revenue stream but also a hub for member engagement.
  • Create Fitness Challenges: Set up engagingfitness challenges to keep your members motivated. It’s a fun way to maintain their interest and encourage a sense of community.
  • Make Questionnaires and Intake Forms: Use easy-to-fill forms to gather information from new members. This helps in offering them a more personalized gym experience.

With all these features, you can strive to make your fitness studio a place where everyone feels welcome and pumped to be there.

Other Strategies To Increase Member Engagement

A woman talking on the phone in a gym.

Other than using digital tools such as the ones mentioned above, there are other important member engagement strategies that you have to implement in tandem for this tool to work at its full potential.

Stay in Constant Contact With Your Members

Talking to your members in a way that works well is important.

Whether you’re sending texts, or emails, using social media, or making phone calls, make sure you’re always open and consistent in how you talk to them.

This helps a lot in understanding what they need, fixing any issues they might have, and keeping a strong connection with them.

This is especially important if you have to cancel a class or if there are any unexpected changes.

Be Active Online and Provide Helpful Information

Woman on the reception explains and shows a client something on the screen

In 2024 not having an active online presence through multiple social media channels is like still using a Windows 99 computer. You would be missing out on a whole lot of ways to improve gym member engagement.

Keep your website and social media pages filled with interesting and useful information. Even better if you could have your personal trainers get on camera and talk directly to your followers.

These online platforms are key for staying in touch with both the people who already come to your gym and those who might join in the future.

This is especially true if you want to attract younger people who spend a lot of time online.

Create a Sense of Community In Your Studio

Three women in sportswear sitting and laughing together on a gym floor.

One of the best gym member engagement ideas is to improve camaraderie among your members. And how do you do that? By organizing group workouts.

They’re a great way to engage members and create a sense of community in your gym.

Research shows that people who take part in group exercises are more likely to keep coming back to the gym.

Encourage everyone, even those who usually prefer working out alone, to join group exercises from time to time. It helps them feel more connected and committed to the gym.

Appreciate Long-time Members

Two smiling women high-fiving each other in the gym

Have you ever been loyal to a gym only to find out that they barely even know you all that much? As fitness studio owners, you need to be aware of who your loyal members are.

They are the ones who keep coming regardless of any ups and downs your fitness business might have faced.

And they are the ones who might have led to an increased membership in your gym or fitness studio through simple word-of-mouth marketing.

Yes, they do come there for their own interest but they could have just as easily quit and found something else that offered them a cheaper membership or a better offer altogether.

It’s important to keep long-time members happy and feeling valued. They’re key to keeping your gym a lively and welcoming place.

Use Technology To Track Your Member Progress

A woman with curly hair using a laptop and waving during a video call in a rustic-styled room.

Paying close attention to each member’s needs is super important. Keep a good record of things like their age, weight, and what they want to achieve in their fitness journey.

Using gym management software like the ones mentioned in the section above is handy for tracking customer engagement.

Make sure to update this information regularly, especially if they change their routine or something in their life changes.

Use a system that can track their progress and show it to them in a way that’s easy to understand.

People really like seeing how far they’ve come in their fitness journey in a clear, visual way.


Keeping your members engaged is part of being a fitness studio owner.

But with the tools mentioned in this article plus the strategies laid out to support them.

You should be able to see a difference in your gym member retention rate.


How can I improve my gym engagement?

Some of the ways to improve your gym engagement include: engaging on social media, conducting fitness challenges, utilizing SMS marketing, hiring the right staff members, regularly communicating with your members, creating group exercise programs, offering personalization and rewards, using intakes and questionnaires, and creating value for your members.

What are premium gym amenities?

Premium gym amenities are the extra facilities and services that enhance your members’ experience and satisfaction. The common premium gym amenities include swimming pools, spa treatments, basketball courts, tennis courts, racquetball courts, tracks, massages, tanning beds, saunas, etc.

How to design a fitness studio?

When designing a fitness studio, think about the space and how people will move around. Make sure there’s enough room for group classes and individual workouts. Good lighting and sound are important to create a welcoming place. Choose floors and equipment that are safe and easy to keep clean. Adding mirrors, inspiring pictures, and a nice color theme can make the studio look great.

What is the difference between a gym and a gym studio?

A gym is usually bigger and has lots of different equipment for cardio, strength training, and more. It’s for all kinds of fitness activities and might have things like a pool or sports courts. A gym studio is smaller and focuses on specific types of exercise like yoga, Pilates, or cycling classes. Studios are more about group classes and personal training, often with a friendlier and more community-like feel.

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