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5 Ways Technology Makes Nutrition Coaching Easier

Mar 21, 2016 - 4 min read

The importance of healthy eating and exercising is gaining popularity over the last years. Everyone is very much concerned about staying fit, avoiding unhealthy dishes and eating more fruit and vegetables. As you know, having a healthy lifestyle isn’t simply a temporary trend or a way for being popular on social media. Healthy eating and exercising is important and essential for our body and mind.

Unfortunately, being faithful to a healthy ‘regime’ isn’t quite that easy, especially with all the junk foods full of super attractive fats and sugars and salt. As a consequence, people often find themselves struggling with losing motivation, as they have problems following their diet or even start to give up.

This is where fitness technology can help you make your clients happier and more satisfied with their bodies, as well as better coach them to reach their goals. So, let’s talk about how fitness technology can help your clients to stick to their healthy nutrition habits.

Technology Improves Tracking and Measuring

Fitness tech, such as mobile apps and wearable devices will help your clients to keep track of everything they eat, as well as keep track of their energy expenditure  (how many calories they burn). See it as a personal diary where everything about food and activity is reported and monitored. This way, your client’s healthy habits will be facilitated, since there is no need for using pen and paper with the risk of forgetting what they have eaten the day before or during the whole week before. All data of your client can be visualised in clear graphs where it is possible to see in a glance whether your client is eating too many fats, carbohydrates or proteins, if they’re burning enough calories through exercise, and if they’re making progress.

Technology Improves Ease of use

Following a correct diet or losing pounds will be much easier for your clients with the use of a mobile app. Their smartphone are always with them. Therefore, it is much easier to just fill in the list of what your client has eaten, how many calories have been consumed and which progress has been made. Since your app keeps track of food eaten and calories consumed, you’ll save resources that you could use to focus on your (other) clients.

Technology Saves Time

The use of fitness technology has simplified many people’s lives, and the fitness and nutrition industry is not excluded. Using apps for tracking food will save a lot of time for your clients who do not have to remember everything by themselves or write everything down by hand. Moreover, they do not need to calculate by themselves the amount of calories  and macronutrients (carbohydrate, fats and proteins) eaten because the app does that for you. Whether they need a nutrition plan for losing weight or gaining weight, an app can be adjusted according to your client’s wishes.

Technology Increases Engagement

Technology, such as social media groups, apps, discussion groups and forums can provide the possibility to your clients to get in touch with a fitness professional like you much more easily. And you will have the opportunity to give tips, send messages and advices to your clients more consistently.

Thanks to fitness technology it’s also possible for your clients to share their experiences and their stories with other people who are also trying to change their habits. This will trigger enthusiasm, commitment and motivation. And it might even net you some referrals, meaning more clients and more revenue.

Technology Boosts Motivation

Finally, the most important benefit of fitness technology for the fitness and nutrition industry lies in improving motivation. We know already that motivation is behind every action, every choice and every effort we make every day for improving our life and ourselves. And this is what you want for your clients as well. You want them to be motivated, to believe in themselves and in their capacity to lose those extra pounds or gain that extra muscle, to finally learn to eat healthier without succumbing to the temptation of eating junk foods. In other words: more motivation for your clients and more satisfaction for you!

Motivated clients means higher retention: your clients will tend to remain faithful to you, since they are satisfied with your work and the services you provide them.


A healthy lifestyle is what we all aim for and you play an important role in making your client’s desires come true. With the help of technology, this can be done easier and more effective than ever before. Technology in general, social media in particular, can facilitate the advertisement of your business, and a great way of attracting more people. Additionally, if your clients are happy and satisfied, you can surely rely on great word-of-mouth, which remains one of the best ways to grow your clientèle.

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