10 Standout Social Media Posts for Gyms in 2022

Aug 10, 2022 - 6 min read
best social posts for fitness businesses

As a gym or studio owner, you know by now that social media marketing is here to stay. Though algorithms change and the platform of choice might shift, social media can dramatically grow your fitness business and keep your current members engaged.

When you’re locked in on your target market, you can put relevant content in front of them that engages and entices them to share with others, growing your social media account as well as your influence and reputation. If you’re strapped for inspiration when it comes to consistently posting on social media, we’ve put together 10 standout ideas for social media posts for gyms in 2022!

Benefits of Using Social Media As a Gym

Social media posts for gyms can benefit you and your clients in the long run. Your gym benefits from connecting with your target audience while also offering them value, motivation, humor and more. Consistent, relevant gym social media content is a cost-effective marketing strategy that can generate new leads, grow your business, instill brand loyalty and keep you at the forefront of your clients minds. These are ten of the top performing gym social media post ideas.

Gym Social Media Post Ideas

Techniques, Tips, Mini-Workouts

Social media posts with techniques, tutorials on how to use certain equipment, form tips, workout tips, etc allow you and your training team to position yourselves as the experts. You can share these types of posts as videos, voiceover videos, infographics, or swipe-through photos/graphics. These posts should be simple, easy to consume and provide a ton of value.

Introduce Your Team

Let your clients get to know your team by shouting them out on your social media pages. You could do quick, video bios, ask your trainers some health or fitness related questions or film them working with clients behind the scenes. Putting your PTs and group fitness instructors on camera helps your audience feel like they are interacting with people as opposed to a brand and build rapport and connection.

Don’t limit yourself to just your training staff, either! You can showcase any member of your team who is contributing to making the client experience more memorable! A smiling face at the front desk so members know exactly who will greet them each day, a shot of your juice bar attendant whipping up a delicious protein smoothie, or kids club / babysitting staff members to help parents feel comfortable leaving their kids while they go work out.

User-Generated Content

User-generated content is a powerful way to reinforce your brand, and luckily, gym-selfies and workout videos are a big thing! You can re-share members’ content (with permission), adding to their original caption. Express gratitude for their membership and continued loyalty, congratulate them on a workout well-done or send them a virtual high-five.

Showcase Your Booking Systems

When sharing images or videos of specific classes or PT sessions, give clear CTAs with how your customers can book classes, sign up with a trainer, etc. Give the least amount of resistance possible so it’s a quick, easy process. Post updated schedules of classes, opening/closing times, and any other relevant information to make it easy for members to stay in the know.

Promos, Giveaways and Competitions

Anytime your gym is running a promotion, competition or a giveaway, you’ll definitely want to get it on social media! These types of posts usually get a ton of exposure and you can maximize brand reach by asking your followers to like, share and tag others as part of entering. Running promotions (think: refer-a-friend), giveaways (team up with other brands to get even more exposure) and competitions (most classes attended, most check-ins in a month) all have the potential to generate a ton of engagement while also increasing brand awareness. Don’t forget to check the terms and conditions on your platform of choice to make sure you’re complying with any rules they have for giveaways.

Member Milestones & Transformations

Finally, a large category that can really round out your social media posts for gyms are motivational ones. These types of posts are great for offering support and encouragement to your community, while also showing off the culture and supportive nature of your facility. They also act as social proof that your gym is indeed helping people achieve their health and fitness goals.

Consider doing a testimonial that someone has written about your gym, about a certain PT or about one of your group classes. Celebrate member achievements, or before and afters / progress photos. These posts keep clients (and potential clients) motivated and shows off what your gym can do. Just make sure to get permission first. In the caption section of these posts encourage your followers to share their journey as well. Everyone gets a good dose of motivation and your engagement soars.

Hot Tips on How to Promote a Gym on Social Media:

Currently on Instagram, videos are receiving almost 40% more engagement than image posts. Image based posts have their place, but a strong social media strategy should absolutely include video content.

That said, social media platforms are making changes to their algorithms all the time. Even the most seemingly indiscreet changes could affect your engagement and require you to alter your strategy. Staying updated with any changes to your platform(s) will keep you in a position to quickly shift your strategy.

Avoid spreading yourself too thin by trying to have a presence on social platforms at once. Pick 2-3 social media platforms where your target audience hangs out and focus your efforts there.

Create Your Own Social Media Platform

Think about creating your own social media platform with Virtuagym’s Club Community software ! With personal profiles, flexible communication, challenges, rewards, leaderboards and more. Club Community software is part of our best-of-class mobile apps that have proven to increase engagement, loyalty and customer experience.

There you have it, our top 10 standout social media posts for gyms in 2022! With these ideas you can get started building a creative, engaging social media strategy for your club. Find what posts resonate with your community and cycle in more of those types of posts! Save and bookmark things that inspire you so that you can make them your own in the future. Don’t be afraid to recycle your own content. If post was a hit among your followers, you can turn it into a video, a story, a reel, etc! Keep an eye on your metrics and your brand will thrive.

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