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4 Steps to Boost Your Client Referrals

19 October 2020

Increasing client referalls is easier if you know how to engage with your happy existing gym members. Read here how to boost your client referals.

Here’s Everything That Happened At FitNation 2020

16 October 2020

Check out the highlights from our FitNation 2020 event and get to know expert insights from leaders in the fitness industry.

What fitness businesses should do during the coronavirus outbreak

16 October 2020

With new measures and restrictions in place due to the coronavirus outbreak, the health of your fitness business might be causing you concern. This article will help you engage and retain members to reduce membership cancellations.

6 Tips How to Make People Say Yes

16 October 2020

Are you receiving lots of objections to your fitness business offering? Than our tips can help you turining them into a Yes in just a few steps.

COVID-19 phases in the fitness industry: where we are, and where we are heading

15 October 2020

Preparing for the post COVID-19 it's easier if you understand the phases of evolution of your fitness business during the pandemic and which stage you are.

Sell More Memberships: Tips to Overcoming 8 Common Objections

15 October 2020

Are you having trouble selling your gym memberships? Here you can find all the tips to overcome your client’s objections and sell more memberships.

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