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Reduce failed payments with Automated Dunning by Virtuagym Pay

Did you know that 3 to 10% of failed payments happen on the first attempt? Our Automated Dunning Module manages the whole follow-up process for overdue payments for you.
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Complete customization

Shape a seamless follow-up process that works for you. Personalize your communication and limit manual input through customizable email templates and reminders at set intervals.

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Penalty Fees

Recover potential additional transaction and chargeback costs by including penalty fees in your automated emails at your own discretion. Which amount and after how many reminders is completely up to you as a business owner.

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The need for speed

On average, 3 to 10% of failed payments happen on the first attempt. The faster you respond, the greater your chances are of collecting these failed payments. With this module you can automate the whole process, helping you to efficiently manage accounts receivable and maintain healthy cash flows.

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Thanks to Virtuagym Pay's new reminder module, failed payments are now automatically and immediately followed up. This allows us to save at least 20 hours of manual follow-ups every month and we collect twice as many failed payments within 7 days!

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Save invaluable time and money

Research has found that businesses spend almost 30% of the working year chasing late payments, equivalent to 74 days. Our Automated Dunning solution removes this problem and reduces the associated costs, enabling you to get that 30% back to focus on the areas that matter to you.
  • Send scheduled customized emails
  • Apply penalty fees
  • Categorize and prioritize
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How Dunning increases your revenue

Our Automated Dunning solution for following-up and tracking overdue payments will help increase your revenue in several ways:
  • Receive up to 50% more overdue payments
  • Earning money from applied penalty fees
  • Reducing associated costs from manual follow-ups
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Maintain positive customer relationships

Having uncomfortable customer conversations about their overdue payments is never fun. Our Automated Dunning Module takes on that burden for you, giving your customers personalized communications at the right time, in the right way.
  • Remove the stress of uncomfortable customer communication
  • Nurture customer relationships
  • Support member loyalty and retention
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Ensure efficient debt collection

At any point during your follow-up process with customers you can simply download a clear and detailed export of those who owe you money - including the dates of their reminders - that can be forwarded to a debt collection agency.
  • Seamless process for debt agency escalation
  • Clear exports
  • Integrations with debt collection agencies (soon)

A part of Virtuagym Pay

Our Automated Dunning Module is just one important part of the suite of tools offered by Virtuagym Pay, our seamless and secure integrated payment platform for online and offline payments.

Virtuagym processes close to $1 billion in revenue for our customers through our billing platform

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