The AI Coach: Personalized Workouts Driven by Artificial Intelligence

We are building the future of personal coaching by providing personalized workouts within seconds through artificial intelligence. Our new AI Coach feature is currently available to consumers, but we plan to enable it for our business customers soon. Sign up and be the first to get updates about our B2B launch.
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Personalized Fitness at Your Fingertips With AI Coaching

Introducing the AI Coach, an exclusive feature of the PRO membership. With its user-friendly interface, clients can engage with the AI Coach by simply initiating a chat. By answering a few questions about their desired workout, a tailor-made workout plan is promptly generated. Sign up to stay informed about the upcoming B2B launch or try it now in our consumer app with our FREE 7-day PRO trial.

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Boost Revenue

Offer an exclusive tool, available solely to PRO end-users, and create an excellent upsell opportunity.

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Integrated With Your App

Allow your clients to effortlessly sync their workout results directly within the fitness app with the seamless integrated and user-friendly interface of this feature.

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Better Workout Results

Provide customers with an automated solution that enables them to create personalized workouts aligned with their goals, empowering them to reach their desired milestones more efficiently.

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